The 2016 drag season saw Jason Horn’s 1988 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR seeing its 12th season of drag racing. Before the car became what it is today it was running the factory 4WD setup and destroying the competition at Night Speed Drag wars back in the early 2000’s, where he took the NZ title for the quickest factory gearbox 4WD with a time of 9.54 at 232kph on the 1/4 mile.

The car has definitely come along way since then, once he got the bug to go faster the car went under the knife. Changing the position of the engine to accommodate for RWD and strapping on a much stronger gearbox he had his sights set on a 8 second pass.

With adding more power other parts start failing to keep up. The rear suspension was completely overhauled so that the car was able to stay stable and straight while ripping down the drag strip.

Lets take a look at what it takes to make an 8 second drag car. Hytech Engines came to the party and built an insanely reliable engine package. While the block remains the standard 2L 4G63, it has been hard filled. Every other internal part has been swapped out for something stronger.

Wiseco pistons, Manley Turbo tuff rods, Eagle steel billet crankshaft, ACL race bearings, Kelford 288 degree camshafts, Beehive springs, Ridgecrest copper head gasket, just to name a few. The engine was then balanced by Hytech Engines which has made this one serious machine.

With such a strong engine base, Daniel from Turbo 777 supplied the Billet Turbonetics 75/75 which is able to push 45 psi through it. The block is able to withstand upwards of 60 psi, so a new turbo setup is already in the process to crank up the boost and the horsepower to chase that 7 second pass.

Pushing the C16 race fuel around is handled effortlessly by the dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps, Aeromotive billet fuel pressure regulator, Injector Dynamics fuel injectors, and a front mounted fuel cell.

Keeping the engine cool is a big task, but nothing the half size alloy radiator, Davies Craig electric water pump, Davies Craig EWP controller, 305mm electric fan, and AN fittings can’t handle.

When completing the 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds at over 250kmh, there isn’t much time to be keeping eyes on gauges. Only a few have been fitted, those being a tacho, oil pressure, water temperature, and air/fuel ratio. Bright flashing lights are usually the best way to see when something isn’t right.

To keep Jason safe in the event of an accident, and for added rigidity a funny car style roll cage has been fitted alongside a Kirkey alloy seat with a safety harness.

The Turbo 350 transmission is the same one that has been in the car for the last 4 years. Jason manual converted it himself. It’s still running a standard input shaft and gear train with an Auto Trans race converter. The main reason that it has lasted so long is thanks to the the ice box cooling system, which is filled up with ice before every run.

To get the massive Turbonetics turbo to spool up on the line is made possible by a 120hp shot of NOS .

The run off area at the end of Meremere drag strip isn’t the longest. Still running standard front and rear brakes, the Simpson drag parachute is definitely a must have to be able to stop in time after hitting 260kph.

When Jason launches the car it pulls the front wheels off the ground. Having the McDonald Bros wheelie bar keeps the car grounded.

The suspension set up is quite basic, but that doesn’t hinder the cars performance at all. In the front KYB shocks with king springs, in the rear Strange alloy double adjustable coilovers and a Jegs four-link kit.

Keeping the car stuck to the track, Max Racing three-piece wheels in the front and 15×9 three-piece billet drag wheels wrapped in 24×4.5 and 28×9 inch Mickey Thompson ET drag tyres have been fitted. The rear has been mini tubbed to fit the massive rear tyres.

Jason’s best 1/4 mile time is an astonishing 8.6 seconds at 262kph. Weighing in at 1130kg, its not the lightest drag car out there. Considering that it’s still a complete Lancer steel body, with the addition of Lexan windows and the interior being stripped out as much as possible, this thing moves! Rated at just over 1000hp on 45psi at the rear wheels, it is still a very serious drag weapon.

A Link G4+ Storm looks after the management side of things.

The rear diff has been upgraded to a very strong modified Toyota Hilux housing, with a 3.9 ratio center, and has been fitted with custom made Mark Williams axles.

With the addition of the bigger turbo and other little changes this should see Jason crack the 7 second mark. The next drag racing season is setting up to be an exciting one!


Quick Specs
Car: 1988 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR
Engine: Hytech Engines 4G63 Turbo with NOS
Capacity: 2.0L
ECU: Link G4+
Diff: Toyota Hilux with custom made Mark Williams axles
Transmission: GRP Turbo TH350 3 speed auto, Hurst ratchet shifter, Auto Trans 7200rpm race converter, ATI Performance trans brake
Brakes: Standard front and rear brakes, Simpson drag parachute
Suspension: Standard struts with king springs in the front. Custom 4 link, Stange double adjustable coilovers with Hyper coil springs in the rear
Interior: Full Funny Car Roll Cage, Drag Racing specific chassis strengthening, Kirkey alloy seat with harness, Autometer gauges, Leash Bump box
Exterior: Standard Lancer all factory steel body, McDonald Bros wheelie bar, drag wing, Lexan windows all round
Power: 1000hp on 45 psi, best 1/4 mile 8.6 seconds at 258kmh


Jason would like to thank Dick at Hytech Engines, Daniel at Turbo 777, Scott at Belair Mitsi Wreckers, Adam, Frank and all the Wigg Motorsport Crew, Total Oils and Mighty Mufflers.