On the 21st of May Thailand saw one of its coolest car meets ever come to fruition. Organised by XO Autosport and Connections Group, this meet saw some of the country’s best modified cars come together, and boy did they put on a show.

DSC03904 copy

The Lao car club also had some members make it to the meet, and they added their own flair to the already crazy variety on offer.

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The meet had plenty of JDM goodness on offer, but the Thai auto scene includes just about every type of car you can imagine: supercars, euro, and muscle, along with utes and trucks.

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Big flares, deep wheels and clean engine bays were the main course, with a huge helpings of carbon fibre for dessert. The workmanship on some of these cars was absolutely amazing!

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DSC03505 copy

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These awesome photos from Speed Nation’s own Thai based photographer Eik highlight the real talent and passion that the Thailand car scene has at the moment. We can’t wait to see more Thai awesomeness!

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