Q: What do you get when you add a cool classic car, an abundance of carbon fibre and an engine from a far more modern era?
A: Paul Henshaw’s WTAC 240z. (A.K.A. one of the coolest WTAC entries you will see this year.)


Like many racecars, this datsun had a humble beginning. It was originally built for hill climb and sprint racing and spent many years doing exactly that. As with all racing, the faster you go the more things tend to break. Paul took any failure as an opportunity to improve, always replacing a broken component with the best quality part he could get his hands on.


This gradual build up of the car came to a head in 2014, when Topstage Composites sponsored the 240z for it’s first WTAC appearance. Paul and Freddy from Topstage have been friends for years, and the car already sported a multitude of Topstage parts, so it was a match made in heaven.


Unfortunately the engine decided to pack it in after just nine laps at the 2014 WTAC. A disappointing first stint, but one that would fuel the fire in Paul to go back and to go better.

240z-7 240z-11

It was after that crushing defeat that the next round of upgrades began in earnest. Determined to never again be stopped by engine failure, Paul approached PMC Race Engines to build a replacement unit. The end result is this bonkers RB28 turbo engine that is both powerful and reliable. The aero package was augmented further with even more parts from the Topstage Composites range. Paul is supremely happy with the car now, the engine is better across the board and the aero allows the car to push even further in those ‘on the limit’ situations.


Paul is so happy with the current set-up that he believes the weak-point is now himself as the driver, however his rivals shouldn’t dismiss Paul just yet. His many years of experience behind the wheel means he is more than capable of piloting this orange beast around the WTAC circuit.


This Z is an awesome mix of old and new, the classic lines of the Z mix perfectly with the abundance of carbon fibre, lightweight wheels and modern turbocharged powertrain. We at Speed Nation can’t wait to see this incredible machine cut some laps at WTAC 2016! Keep an eye out for Paul and the CCC racing 240z in the Open Class!

240z-2 240z-1 240z-4



Quick Specs
Car: 1971 Datsun 240z
Engine: PMC Race Engines RB28
Capacity: 2.8L (stroked)
Ignition: Motec CDI, Mercury Coils
Injectors: ID 2000cc
Turbo: Borgwarner EFR 8374
ECU: Motec M800
Diff: R200 longnose, Nismo LSD, MadDat race series 33 spline axles
Transmission: Sequential 6 Speed, Full dog ring constant mesh race box
Interior: Retrimmed Velo race seat in Flame proof vinyl to resemble factory 240z seat, OMP suede wheel, Meridian Motorsport 12 point Tig welded, Topstage composite Carbon Dash, Re-trimmed by: Frontier trimming
Exterior: Rays TE37vSL, Topside Composite Flares, Bonnet, Wing
Power: 810hp // 640ft lb  (604kw // 867nm) @
Sponsors and Thanks: Custom and Classic Cars, PMC Race engines, HGT Precision gearboxes, Hi-Octane, Les Collins Racing, Jazmac Performance, Mad Dat Motorsport, Hypertune, Raw Brokerage




Photos by Troy Barker | Story by Curran Brennan