It took me far longer than it should have to finalise this article. How do you cut an event down to ten or so images to represent the spirit and vibe of an event when every single one of the 400 cars in attendance deserves it’s own full feature? Speed Nation’s young-gun Alek Hoskins made it even harder with his stellar shots.


As a Sydney local I’ve always been proud of our car scene, we’ve always had a handful of cool cars that you see at the special meets, and as the years have gone by those cars have evolved, their ranks have grown, but I always felt we were playing catch up with other parts of the world. It was the 2016 WTAC Shannon’s Show ‘n’ Shine where I said to myself ‘holy shit, we’ve made it’. I honestly believe that the showing at the SMSP skidpan on Saturday was truly world class.


The attention to detail on all the vehicles was well above average, anyone who managed to make it into this show should be very proud. The passion and commitment required to keep cars of this standard was evident no matter which way you looked.


The vast amount of widebody kitted vehicles was cool to see, however I found myself drawn to vehicles that managed to mate ‘aggressive’ and ‘subtle’ styles. It may sound oxymoronic, but just look at the SUITUP evo above for a demonstration of my point.


As someone who has two MX5s in the garage, it pleased me to see that four of the pocket rockets had made the cut. It impressed me even more that each one had its own distinct style. Some still see these machines in a negative way, but the vast majority of attendees loved each one, a strong and positive shift in the scene when compared to even a few years ago.


Clubs are a strong part of events like this, and there were showings from all the major ones. It’s always a pleasure to be able to walk a row of the same model and get each owners take on it. After all there’s no one correct way to modify a car, and its the mods that make them our own.


The usual regulars were all in attendance. The Zen x Work 180sx was impressive, as was RWB, in the form of the pale pink beauty. Sergio Capozzi’s infamous widebody Maloo even made an appearance, despite being in the middle of a build to further increase its girth.


‘BUGGIN’ and the Engineered to Slide S13 were crowd favourites, although it was impossible to pick out a car that wasn’t receiving huge amounts of attention at one point or another throughout the show.

wtac_2016-1-of-1-47 wtac_2016-1-of-1-28

The bar has been raised so high this year, I struggle to imagine what is going to be done to top it next year. One thing is for sure: if you want to get your ride into the 2017 WTAC Show ‘n’ shine, then you had better start turning those spanners now, because it just became the event to watch.


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