SN: You’ve been to Australia a few times now, do you like it here?
Chris: Yeah I love Australia, I came here for ADGP a couple of years back judging & hanging out. It was a good time in Adelaide, so I’ve never been to Sydney before.
SN: Bit of a difference! 
Chris: Little bit of a difference!
SN: I remember the ADGP, we put a mullet on you and gave you a VB! 
Chris: Sure did!
SN Good event, and we put you in the drift pig as well.
Chris: yeah, got a good go in that thing, good times.

SN: What are some of the strangest things Aussies do or say differently to Americans?
Chris:  I guess the biggest thing you guys don’t always pronounce words fully like we do, they kind of slur together, which I like you know, you’re in a hurry right?
SN: We don’t have time to keep saying words.
Chris: Fast on the track and fast talking!
SN: Any funny slang you have taken back with you?
Chris: My favourite one is ‘Straya’ because it’s not just a word or an abbreviation, its like an entire explanation of the nation and lifestyle so to speak, it’s more of like an adjective than it is a country. It’s awesome. It’s like: ‘What the hell is that?’ reply can just be ‘Straya man!’

SN: How do you find driving on public roads?
Chris: Well I haven’t done it yet. I’ve driven on the left side of the road when I went to japan. Drove four hours to and from the track, all left hand drive, all Japanese signs and everything. That was pretty difficult, so I imagine that if I was driving around out here it would be a little easier than that.
SN: It’s not bad out here, if you get in any trouble you can just shrug your shoulders and say ‘Straya’
Chris: Straya man!

SN: Have you had a ride on a kangaroo or been jumped on by a drop bear yet?
Chris: Oh man not yet but I hope! I’m still here for two more days, so I’ve got time!

SN: How are you handling your deep fried food withdrawals?
Chris: You guys still have fries at the hotel restaurant. I had some of those last night so I’m getting enough to get by
SN: Just ration it out! 
Chris: No withdrawals yet.

SN: When eating out, are you tipping your waiters here? Do they look at your funny?
Chris: I do not tip, because I was told that its not the etiquette here, you just don’t do it. It’s funny because other countries I’ve been to have been like ‘oh we don’t tip here’ and if I still left it they just look at you kind of funny, so I’ve learnt over the years that if they say we don’t do tips to just leave it alone. There’s less awkwardness.

SN: Of course the standard question, thoughts on Vegemite?
Chris: I haven’t had it yet!
SN: Will you try it before you leave? We can bring a jar tomorrow! 
Chris: We’ll have to see on that one.

SN: You’ve been driving V8s in your drift cars for a long time now, do you ever miss the old rotaries and 4 bangers?
Chris: Well I have a turbo 4 in my 240sx which is probably my most driven car actually, I’ve got more miles on that car than I do my FD (Formula Drift) car for sure. So I do have quite a bit of time driving turbo cars and I do find them more fun, which is why I have it as my practice car. It keeps you on your toes, more footwork keeping them lit you know. For competition obviously we like the V8, its a little easier and little faster, more torque, but all my cars that aren’t competition cars are turbo, like my twin turbo 370z and my Datsun is an RB25 single turbo, so yeah I love them!

SN: Now for something different we have some quick fire questions, so we are looking for the first thing that comes into your head
Chris: Oh boy.
SN: Favourite Track? 
Chris: Atlanta.
SN: Dogs or cats?
Chris: Dogs.
SN: Favourite Pizza topping?
Chris: Mushrooms.
SN: Worst fear?
Chris: Heights or drowning! One of those two. I guess heights, planes and stuff is ok, but like those Russian urban climber guys? I can’t handle watching stuff like that!


A big thank you to Chris Forsberg for spending time with Speed Nation! Quick-witted and a true gentleman (even when we tried to force feed him vegemite), he is an amazing ambassador for the sport of drifting. He may not have had things go his way at the 2016 WTAC International Drift Challenge, but his presence was enough to drive the fans wild.