Yesterday’s Official World Time Attack Challenge Practice day kicked off the 2015 competition. Most of the big players were present to make their final adjustments, find any last minute gremlins and get reacquainted with Eastern Creek’s demanding track.

Most cars were running hot sectors and keeping their full laps and projected times to themselves until tomorrow. PMQ Evo was looking very impressive.

Tilton was one car that fired up and for a full lap and was running in the 1:25’s.

Chris Alexander’s newly transformed carbon R32 GT-R suffered from a  fire. The flames were put out by the emergency crew on turn 2.

It looked terminal with smoke starting to billow from the rear of the car and eventually making its way to the front. Chris seems pretty confident the car will be back to compete over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

All in all today showed that this year is going to be super competitive and should provide an awesome show. Stay tuned to the Speed Nation blog and our social channels for updates and more across the weekend.

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