Although a fairly low key event, the WTAC launch gave us a great opportunity to get up close and personal with some of this years heavy hitters. The cars were literally unloaded from their containers and put on display.






Racing Royalty on display.





The most notable car was Suzuki Under’s Scorch S15. Well not just the car, but how different it is to last years version. I think it has the same tail lights, the same steering wheel and the same sticker design. Look at that rear end!


At first glance it looks about the same, but if you look it for more than a fraction of a second it’s apparent this car has undergone another massive evolution.





Will these changes be enough to get Suzuki-san’s Scorch on top of the podium this year?


Top Secret and HKS GTR’s look very evenly matched. It’ll be interesting to see these two Japanese Giants battle with their R35 Godzillas.






Side by side these cars looks very evenly matched. With similar aero packages and horsepower.





The launch wasn’t all about the imports though, Local stars Nick Kalis, Jason Naidoo, Dan Farquar and Chris Tiqui made an appearance with their Royal Purple Evo Squad.




Good luck boys from the Speed Nation Team!_DSC1472


As I left the launch a massive storm front approached. World Time Attack Challenge does have a history of bringing intense weather. We’ll take this storm as a sign of what’s to come this weekend.


Story & Shots: Matthew Everingham