Our New Zealand correspondent, Glen, recently visited Christchurch, New Zealand with WORK Wheels NZ to capture some of the master pieces that they have to offer.

There was something very different about the car scene down there compared to the Auckland scene. There was a lot less modified cars cruising the streets, but when you came across one you knew it was something special.

One of the first cars we came across was Carl’s staunch example of a turbo 2JZ powered Toyota Supra. Although it wasn’t slammed on its ass, it was still a sight to behold.

Nissan’s as a brand are in very high demand to modify in New Zealand, so it takes a lot to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The following examples easily hold their own in a very competitive market.

Alex’s S14 Silvia is one of the cleanest ones we have seen in a long time. Powered by the legendary SR20DET engine, and complimented by aesthetically pleasing aero and superb wheel choice. It not only goes well when you want it to, but also looks great parked at the shops when grabbing some bread and milk.

This S15 Silvia is owned by Chevenne and is actually her daily! Although there is nothing crazy going on under the hood, the engine bay is colour matched to the wheels, and there are a few little modifications that make this car far from standard.

This immaculate S13 Silvia is also owned by  Chevenne. This one is her road legal drift/track spec car. It’s quite a bit more serious than the S15, as you can probably tell just by looking at it. The custom pink paint job on the wheels follows the theme for the rest of the car, including the engine, engine bay, roll cage, and other various features in the cabin. Keep an eye on the site for a full feature on this car!

Charlie’s 180SX is something special. Sporting the only complete, genuine Spirit Rei body kit in New Zealand, it definitely stands out from the crowd. This is one serious body kit that needs to be seen in person to appreciate the whole overall look of the car. But don’t let the show quality confuse you, there is a nicely tuned SR20DET engine nestled between the front shock towers!

Keeping up with the Nissan dominance, is Jesse’s double wide body 180SX. Yet again another car you need to see in person to appreciate how wide it actually is. This is also a car that has been daily driven for a lot of its life, and at the ride height you see below no less. Jesse is also the owner of Wrap Industries, which explains the crazy graphics job he has done on the car to make it stand out even more!

Elysse’s Mazda RX-7 is undoubtedly one of a kind, the graphics were also done by Wrap Industries. The custom wide body and bespoke paint by Cany Customs makes this car a true stand out. Powered by the mighty 13B the sound matched the looks perfectly. Once again, another street driven car.

Zen’s Toyota JZX100 Chaser is a work of art. With its full BRIDE interior and customized Origin Labo body kit, this is undoubtedly one of  New Zealand’s best looking big body Toyota’s. What makes this car even better is the fact that Zen gives it death by attending a lot of drift events. Oh, and he is also running Limited Edition Stance Nation WORK Wheels!

Another killer paint job by the one and only Cany Customs. The paint on Matt’s Mazda RX-7 is something not seen too often these days, but is without a doubt one of the most stand out paint jobs we’ve seen in a long time. Every single angle of this car gives off a different colour. If this doesn’t turn heads, then we don’t know what will!

You’re now feasting your eyes on the only Subaru V11 STI hatch in NZ to be static dropped to this level. Cany Customs own Sally is running her family wagon on Fortune Auto coilovers, paired with WORK Emotions measuring in at 18×10.5, which is a pretty crazy size to fit under stock fenders! Never have we seen a GRB WRX of this caliber!


This brings us to the last car, but one of the most exciting we’ve shot. The original Rocket Bunny V2 kitted 180SX, owned and built by Kei Miura himself! Jared purchased the car when it went up for sale in Japan, and then shipped it over to its new home in New Zealand. This was one of the most emotional shoots Glen has ever done, knowing the history of the car and what it means to the tuner world.

The car scene in Christchurch has far outweighed what Glen was expecting. A massive thank you goes out to David at WORK Wheels NZ for the opportunity to capture these magnificent cars, it was a once in a life time opportunity.


Stay tuned for more of these hallmark vehicles from the land down under!