I was already a huge fan of Japan before I had even step foot in the country a few years ago, now on my second trip it was time to tick off a few more bucket list items. I love Japan because it brings out so many positive vibes and whole new atmosphere which always feels great to be in. The Japanese are very humble people, very polite and always seem to have a smile on their face.

One of the bigger items on the list was the (in)famous TAS. Stepping into the Tokyo Autosalon was next level, there were all the big name brands, with many from around the world whom attended. I was lucky enough to score myself a job for Work Wheels Japan, in no small part to my friend Tommy Babiarz.

Work Wheels, one of the leading and most well known Japanese wheel brands in the world. Producing a huge number of iconic styles for cars of all types.

It’s not so often you can walk up to a Japanese company as a complete stranger and be able to score yourself a job. I am a MASSIVE fan of Work Wheels, even though this may not have been considered as a “large scale production” video, to me this job was an absolute milestone to be given the opportunity to do this.

I was introduced to one of the members of the team of Work Wheels Japan, whom both spoke English and Japanese. Upon chatting for a good 20 minutes getting to know one another better and giving each other an insight of what we both do. I proposed to make Work Wheels Japan a video for them to post on their social media during the event.

A few more higher members were called in the back room setup for the staff and private guests, where we all sat down and began to discuss what could be done for Work with the surroundings setup.

After a couple minutes of discussion we locked in the video and myself and a work representative started walking around pointing out what they would love to see in their video.

They had some beautiful new wheels on display, a great team of staff, greeting every person that attended their stand and this amazing Triumph!

This car has a huge and meaningful back story to it.

Work Wheels Japan former boss bought this car to restore it 8 or 9 years ago.

The process took some time as he was working on other cars as well and it was almost finished when he sadly passed away a year and a half ago.

Jean-Christophe from Work Wheels Japan started the Equip 40 project.
He wanted to built a demo car to promote the wheel.

He came across the Triumph (TR3A from 1960) while he was visiting one of their factories and thought it would be a good base and a great homage to their boss.

The team finished the last details of the restoration and peppered it a little bit: wide body kit designed by TRA Kyoto, order made seats by Bride, new Equip 40 with Hoosier tires, on-off made exhaust and roll cage, carbon panels inside.

Engine stays stock. its a 4 cylinder OHV 1991cc with SU carbs

The TR3 will displayed at the main events and we they will be taking it to historic hill climb races as well.

Work Wheels Japan, thank you. Until we meet again!


Tokyo Autosalon WORK Wheels

Our WORK Wheels Stand at Tokyo Autosalon 2017! If you are around tomorrow, come and say hi and check out our new wheels. We would love to meet you all!

Posted by WORK Wheels Japan on Saturday, 14 January 2017


A huge thank you to a friend of mine, Tommy Babiarz, also another well-known videographer based in Florida.

Tommy has got some pretty epic achievements under his belt, huge fan of his work and the content he produces.

Check out his work here!: