The Silvia is a commonly used weapon of choice for drifters, the S13, 14 & 15 models often seen at drift events at all levels across the globe.  Due to their popularity it’s too easy for owners to fall into the trap of copying other cars style or simply overdoing it. Wayne Nunn has steered clear of these pitfalls with his amazing S14. Jeff Pasko caught up with Wayne at Matsuri earlier in the year to see what sets his S14 Silvia apart from the competition.


This car also has a physical connection to the famous D1 Garage S14 of James Varhoumis, the sexy leopard print door cards. No doubt Wayne is hoping the cards still hold some of James’ drift magic. The Nardi wheel and Bride seat also ensure that Wayne is always in control.


The exterior of the car also oozes with style. Aspects are subtle, even minimalistic at times but everything on this silvia just works. From the DMax boot lip to the Team Elegant Decals, it all feels thought-about and looks very, very cool.


Sure the car has some drift damage, but Wayne and the Silvia wear every ding, mark and scratch with pride: this is a car that gets used!


Nunn’s zenki S14 clearly sports an insane variety of top end brand, and custom made parts that make this sexy Silvia into a more than capable drift car. Like any drift specific machine, there’s even more going on out of sight underneath the car. Knuckles, lock stops, diff mounts, bushes and rack mounts have all been replaced with top quality units, fully specced for drifting action.


Back outside eyes naturally gravitate to the negative offset Watanabe R-type Rims. The 16 inch size is the perfect mix of function and form, allowing for nice meaty tyres and the perfect fitment for this s14. The black and gold colour scheme carries through in the windscreen banner and side decals, really pulling the car together.


The powerplant keeping the tyre smoke flowing is an SR20. Bigger injectors, large turbo and an aftermarket ECU combine with this popular motor to produce a healthy 220kw.


Keep an eye out for Wayne and his S14 at Matsuri drift days, where he hones his already impressive drift skills whenever he gets the chance.



Quick Specs
Car: Nissan S14 Silvia (Zenki)
Engine: SR20
Capacity: 2.0L
Injectors: 740cc Nismo
Turbo: t517z
ECU: Apexi Power FC
Diff: Nismo GT LSD (4.3 2way) + Solid Mounts
Interior: Nardi Wheel, Leopard Print Door Trim, Bride Driver Seat
Exterior: DMAX Boot Wing, Watanabe R-Types (16×8.5 -6 and 16×9 -13),
Power: 220KW
Sponsors and Thanks: SHED Square | Team Foolish Line, Team Elegant.



Photos by Jeff Pasko || Story by Curran Brennan