So, here we are at Phillip Island for the Vic Time Attack 2018. In now its 3rd year running, this event has been going from strength to strength and is getting bigger and better. Hats off to the organisers, you should be proud of yourselves, watching this event expanding and growing. With plenty of cars on display as well, it was great for spectators getting to walk along pit lane and see the cars up close and personal. Also one of the big headlines was the three-time World Time Attack Pro class champions, Tilton Interiors Racing Evo, coming to the Island to play and see what it could do.

Seeing these cars in the flesh with all the crazy aero and wings, plus throw in insane horsepower and exhaust notes to make you giggle at yourself and feel like a kid again. It was time for some action. The morning had started off with typical coastal weather, light drizzle of rain in the morning, just leaving the track with wet patches and cloud. So the first sessions for everyone was a cautious one, not to do anything brave or fancy. Just a matter of waiting for the track to dry out and get accustomed to everything. I decided to check out Lukey Heights for the 1st session. Right smack on the exit of the apex sits a dirty puddle, just enough to piss of every car trying to put down any power which throws the arse end out on any attempt of putting power down.

With so many classes, it was great to see so many different types of vehicles out on the track racing. From The Skyline’s, to the Evo’s. From NA/Turbo Honda Civic’s to Alfa’s and one of my favourites to hear scream past was a FT 86 with a Nissan V8. You see it scream past but then your ears are confused as the note that comes out of it makes you re-focus and look at that car again as that ain’t no 4 banger in there!!! So everyone had their competition for the rest of the day.

 With the mornings sessions out of the way and everyone had the chance to get their set ups dialled in, it was time for some serious times to come in. Racing harnesses tightened and time to get serious. It was on for young and old in the arvo to see who would be the quickest of the event.  In the Royal Purple Unlimited Class, it was the Tilton Interiors Evo, setting a time of 1.25.53, and in doing so setting a new Tin Top record. Not bad at all for coming out of retirement and playing at the Island for the 1st time.

2nd went to the Vic Time Attack Rx7. Good stuff!

3rd was the Pro Speed Racing WRX , and this WRX is one pretty mental looking rex indeed!

Full results for the rest of the classes we have detailed below, well done to everyone in their class. Also a big congrats to everyone that didn’t win, just turning up and having a go is what it’s all about and enjoying the track is what makes the guys and girls in the car scene what it is. It doesn’t matter what you drive, it’s the same passion that drives all of us and unites us as well. So congrats to everyone and see you next year! Which I’m hearing might be a 2 day event as that is how much it is growing!!! Enjoy the pics below.

Topstage Modified Class
1st Integrated Motorsport GTR
2nd Global Aircraft Services Evo
3rd Vsport 86

Martini Racing Street Class
1st Team Exe Otr Evo
2nd Arnold’s Fruits GTR
3rd John Richo Racing R33

Race Equiped AWD Class
Modified : Integrated GTR
Street: Exe Otr Evo

Traction Tyres  RWD Class
Modified: VSport 86
Street: John Richo R33

Mora Motorsport  FWD Class
Forced Induction
Modified: BYP
Street: Steven Wan BYP

Naturally Aspirated
Modified: Carbon plus David Napoleone
Street: Elusive Racing Kenny

Maztech Fastest Rotary
Modified : Milspec Anthony Finn
Street: Project 7 Dere Rahul