My first assignment for the year sees me at sunny Winton Raceway, all the way out at Benalla in Victoria. I packed everything for the trek up. Fresh clothes, clean jocks, but forgot 2 vital things: sunscreen and ear muffs, and this being a burnout event meant I was bound to become a deaf lobster. Welcome to the Ultimate Burnout Challenge sponsored by Speed Pro!! I speak to good friend Grant Findlay from Burnouts Australia and he kindly gives me a set of earplugs. Thanks Grant!!! I also ask Grant as he’s Yoda of all that is skids, I ask Yoda on some basics of life, skids and burnouts in general. If this man doesn’t know, then no one will on the subject of skids! Out of curiousity, I ask what the average horsepower is of the big hitting cars, just a ball park figure. North of 1000hp! That should do it!! You can get more but you want the reliability out of the engine and you don’t want to destroy it as well.  So with my new found knowledge Yoda points me to the Skidpan. “There you shall find the answers you seek! Shooteth with thy camera I’m instructed.” And so I head out with my earplugs and camera gear in tow. Its going to be a long day, 32c and approx 75 cars entered, bring on the skids!

So with burnouts under way and earplugs in, its all systems go! Drivers are given 2 runs and points are awarded and deducted on, instant smoke, amount of smoke, continuous smoke, driver control and popping tyres (10 for each tyre). Points are also deducted for the following: going off the pad, reversing on the pad, hitting the wall, stopped for a major fire, or not driving off under your own power. So as awesome as it looks with flames coming out, its not good for points. As the day wears on we start seeing flames, cars tagging walls and the odd mechanical hiccup. Everyone is skidding away. You know when you hear/see a tough car as when it’s under full throttle it literally shakes the inside of your skull and rattles your teeth, to the point everything goes silent. But I think its me going deaf, even with earplugs some of these cars just shake right through you!! Not something your 2JZ is going to do.

Its time for a break and I realise a) I’m now completely covered in rubber and I‘m slightly burnt. Staying hydrated is a must and thank god for my big arse hat with neck cover! It doesn’t look good but it does the job. People are repairing cars and fine tuning for round 2 to get everything ready. So its back out to the pan again to see what’s in store for round 2. Not only is the action about to heat up again, but the afternoon sun is turning up the wick too. Should be interesting to see how people’s cooling systems cope. These cars cop an utter bashing under load. Constant revving to about 7500 and about a minute to destroy a set of tyres. Doesn’t sound like much? Your average street car would probably blow its diff just trying to get off the line!

So at end of the day, the winner is Tim Brown in his VK Calais “CEMBLO” and he pockets a nice 10k! Nice one! 2nd is Steve Edsall’s Ford XC “SKD UTE” that sent me deaf….. thanks kindly, that’s one mental sounding XC Ute! 3rd went to Leigh McKenzie in his Toyota “LUXURY”. Well done to everyone and organisers for a great day out. The top of my hands are sunburnt and the rubber on my arms thankfully acted as a nice sunscreen, just an utter bastard to get off!! Hopefully by the time I get back to Melbourne my hearing should return. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!! Enjoy some more pics below till next time.  Next week we swap skids for the World Superbikes at the Island. See you there!