So it’s the morning of the last Saturday of June, 2014.  I felt like getting out and stretching my legs, but the problem was that I didn’t have much to do.  I stumbled across an event for Trial Error’s Photoshoot Meet.  It sounded like an awesome excuse for an adventure, so off I went!  Armed only with my camera, and some kung fu, I made my way by public transport to Sydney Olympic Park. Just kidding, I don’t know kung fu… Luckily, I survived the train ride regardless.

As I was still looking around for the car park where the meet was to be held, my sight fell on an unusually pleasant looking Honda Jazz with a Trial Error decal on the windscreen.  The Jazz happened to stop right in front of me.  I asked the driver where the meet was, and if I could get a lift to the place.  Upon her kindly replying in the affirmative, I got in the car.  She, the Jazz driver, was clueless as to where the meeting spot was as the originally designated carpark was fully occupied.


We found a few other cars with drivers in the same bewildered state, who ended up following our lead.  Phone calls were made, fresh details were acquired, and we cruised to the new meeting spot.  The line of cars behind us grew pretty long as we progressed.  Upon arrival, we found this new venue to be a locked carpark.  Again, there was a little discussion, and the team decided to head to the wharf, the location of their last meet, from where a new spot was to be decided upon once everyone gathered there.



As the group of cars grew, it was decided that the final spot would be at Bicentennial Park.  Once again, I asked for and was kindly given a lift, and we reached a car park at Bicentennial Park.  The rest of the day was spent here.


As the day progressed, cars came and cars left.  It got quite cold, windy and miserable, and even then new cars didn’t stop coming!  There was a good variety of cars around, from Pulsars and Civics to RX-7s to a Lexus GS- 300.





Even though most of these cars are daily driven, the detail and level of maintenance on these cars was fantastic. Function-specific tyres, lustrous bodies and even down to the wheel nuts, it was obvious these guys and girls love their cars.





As the day drew to an end, and the sun started setting, the cold and dark finally forced me to walk back to the station, catch a train and get back home.  But it was a good day spent in good company, well worth travelling to by public transport.




All in all, it shows that a few little planning hiccups can’t ruin the day for for a dedicated bunch of friends.



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Story and Photography by Faraz.