Speed Nation’s David Clarke caught up with Tim Slade after his record smashing win.

SN: How does it feel to have won World Time Attack?
Slade: Yeah, pretty cool I guess, I enjoyed my time driving the car and it’s good to get that result for Murray and all of his guys who put a massive amount of time into the build and the set-up of the car. It means a hell of lot more to them than to me because they put blood, sweat and tears into the whole project. I’m just really happy for them!


SN: So bragging rights over SVG? 
Slade: No, no, I mean the car is obviously a hell of lot better than what it was last year in a few key areas. He did all the hard work last year, and I’m sure if he was driving this year he would be in this position.


SN: How do you change your mindset from regular events to time attack and back again? 
Slade: Yeah you basically just have to push reset, after this you have to do all the normal preparation for the championship races, it’s just a matter of getting back into the normal groove.


SN: Thank you and enjoy the win!
Slade: Thank you!

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