Sports compact drag racing is one of the fastest growing forms of the sport. Small cars, big engines, and even bigger turbos pushing boost numbers higher than most peoples IQ. Well Phil Penny’s Honda S600 doesn’t just tick each box, He reinvented the wheel. Phil has possibly found the smallest chassis possible and shoe horned the 3.2L 2JZ between the strut towers.  Believe it or not this engineering marvel has almost the same capacity per cylinder as the car did in its standard form.


The interior of the S600 is a maze of roll cage and safety cell, with everything else being 100% function over form. An array of missile switches, and the Haltech ECU and dash complete the interior.


Unlike the interior the engine bay is overloaded with goodies. The Goliath 3.2L 2JZ breathes through a 102mm throttle body, and custom high rise inlet manifold. It’s fed methanol through a Engle 110 mechanical fuel pump, keeping the pressure up to the 12 1500cc injectors. Bringing the party to life is the massive Billet turbo, with an 88mm compressor housing, and a 94mm exhaust housing that feeds into a 5 inch dump pipe, with a total of 3 Turbosmart wastegates keeping boost in check. It’s at this time any sane person asks if the engine is slight overkill given its power to weight ratio? Surprisingly given the Honda only has a 76 inch wheelbase the car puts the power down and hurtles towards the 1/8 mile in 5.1 sec, at a huge 150 mph and has an unconfirmed pb over the 1/4 mile of [email protected] 174mph.


The closer you get to the car the more and more you appreciate the attention to detail. Apart from the turbo the exterior is relatively stock looking and is as straight as a gun barrel.


Phil has plans for the car to run into the low 7’s and with everything he has thrown at the car, it’s only a matter of time before he reaps the reward. It’s just amazing the affect this car has on even the most hardened race fans. It’s this kind of build that brings men, women, and especially children flocking to his pit bay. It’s Phil’s determination to be different that has made him a crowd favorite at every racetrack he tows to.  Phil isn’t shy to skid past half track, and have the front wheels dangle in the air as he pulls up to 3.5g in first and second gear.


The specs are as follows :


3.2 stroker 2JZ inline six, resin-filled to core plugs, GRP aluminium rods, Arias ceramic/thermal coated pistons, piston pins 22mm and 8mm thick, factory 3 litre crank offset ground, hardened steel main caps, ARP stud kit, line bored, ATi balancer, 3mm Chromoly flex plate, Dave Stevens modified standard oil pump,  2JZ turbo head, flowed, Ferrara valves, titanium retainers, collets and springs, Sure Cams (NSW) with Dave Stevens grind, head machined for lobe clearance, L19 head studs, Titan front pulley wheels, Hypertune manifold (Sydney), twin fuel rails, 12x1500cc methanol injectors, 102mm throttle body, Engle 110 mechanical fuel pump, custom high rise inlet manifold, 60mm Turbosmart wastegate off the manifold plus another from the turbine housing, Billet Turbo (Gold Coast) 88mm front, 94mm rear, rear housing .96 Air ratio, 5in/120mm dump pipe, turbo to intercooler is four inches, turbine, manifold, exhaust is coated by competition coatings in Brisbane ceramic chrome, PWR water to air intercooler, runs 18 litre water and ice tank inside the car which is pumped through with -16 lines, PWR radiator, Haltech Sport 2000 ECU, PRO 16 M&W CDi box, Racepack data iQ3 dash including GPS! measures G-force, Haltech exhaust gas temp sensors, factory coil packs, factory timing belt and factory turbo multi-layered head gasket, Eboost 2 race control


Ford C4 automatic box, Als Raceglide (NSW), custom-built 1350 series shaft, Ford nine-inch, Strange 33 spline shafts and spool, Mark Williams nine-inch alloy carrier


Torsion bar front, Koni adjustable shocks, rear four link, panhard rod, Strange coilovers, adjustable rebound and compression, single wheelie bar with single shock


Wilwood four-pot callipers, 260mm vented disc, AP two pot rear callipers, 1999 BTCC Mondeo (Paul Radisich) discs and bells, Wilwood twin circuit master cylinder, bias to rear wheels

Wheels & Tyres

E45 polished Simmons,  10x15in, 4x15in, 22inx15, 28×11.5×15 Mickey Thompson ET.


1965 Honda S600, stainless flutes in front guards, five-inch fuel cap on passenger side wing, rear wing, parachute, aero on rear window, stretched rear arch aperture, bumpers and grille original, voodoo metallic blue


Kirkey aluminium seats, ERG five-point harness, OMP steering wheel

Standard door trims, factory dash, carbon fibre fascia housing Racepack dash, firewall and tunnel 3mm steel, 1in 5/8 Chromoly cage, strengthened standard box chassis