It’s been a number of months since the team decided to have a legitimate punt at WTAC 2017, and many SN fans have been asking for updates. If this article was written a few weeks ago I would have told you that the 2017 WTAC attempt was over. In short, the most unreliable part of the car was broken – me.

Let me take you back to Australia Day… earlier in the year I took the opportunity to celebrate by indulging in one of my favourite activities: Wakeboarding. Friends and family were aboard the boat having a killer day in the sun. I attacked the wake like I had thousands of times in the past, however when I came back down from the heavens a grenade went off in my left knee. The diagnosis was a complete ACL tear and multiple meniscal tears; there was no doubt a reconstruction was in order.

Surgery was merely the first step, the part that worried me was the 9-12 months of physio required to get back 100% of the function in my knee. Manual cars tend to have a need of actuating the clutch, which simply wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

I worked hard in the gym, following a very strict regime, and soon enough my physiotherapist gave me clearance to start driving a manual car on the road again, however it quickly wore me out. The muscles around the knee were still a long way away from being considered ‘strong’. ┬áDriving on the road and the track are different beasts, and I wasn’t confident I was ready to get back in the car on the track yet.

Speed has a very addictive quality, and my mind was quickly changed when I took the car around the block for a test run (yes it still holds rego). I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give it my best shot to get to WTAC this year. There is lots of work to done both on and off the track, but just getting to the day will be a reward in itself.

Unlike myself, the car has been running constantly for the past few months, getting to every track day possible, piloted by the owner of SB Automotive, who built the car.┬áThe little MX-5 is faster than ever, with its near constant state of development I’m confident it’s capable of a time in the mid 1:40’s.

With all this in mind I logged onto the WTAC website this week and submitted their expression of interest form. The small first step in what I hope is an epic journey, one that I hope you will share with me.

Of course there is no guarantee that I’ll be accepted to WTAC this year, as the field is always impressive and seems to grow every year in both numbers and quality. For now we will wait, hoping and praying we get a shot to hit that blacktop with some of the coolest cars in the world.