Kurt Blackie’s 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 didn’t start out as a full blown drift weapon. When he bought the car 5 years ago it was daily driven, but being that the car was RB20DET and rear wheel drive it became too much of temptation not to kick the clutch or lay down some rubber. Eventually the police caught up with him and the car was ordered off the road only after 6 months of ownership. This is when he decided instead of getting it back road legal, he would start a dedicated drift car to put on the track.

This is the end result.


The standard silver paint job was getting a bit tired and looked boring. Rather than go ‘off the shelf’ Kurt decided to go with something a bit more unique. He went with a custom made candy bronze, pink and gold flake with a pearl clear coat. To make the car look more aggressive, he chose a full BN Sports body kit with matching front and rear wide guards topped off with a custom made aluminium front lip and drag style wing.


Keeping with the aggressive theme, he opted for a full set of 17″ ROTA RB-X wheels measuring 9.5″ wide with -20 offset. Wrapped in 235/45 R17 tyres  for maximum grip while going sideways.


Obviously with any form of motor sport safety is a very important part of  it. Heath from Razor Racks in Tauranga fabricated up a custom 6 point roll cage to add stiffness and to keep Kurt safe in the event of an accident. Sitting snugly in between the roll cage are two NZKW fixed back bucket seats with 4 point harness belts.


A full front and rear tube frame has been fabricated by Kurt himself. The rear tubing was designed on CAD with independent impact and crumple points in preparation for riding walls and to not be sucked into them. The rear tubing has also been setup to be able to run a rear mounted radiator in the future.



Because of the tube frame setup, a 40L fuel cell has been added with a Bosch 044 external fuel pump and filters. Fuel makes its way to the engine through hard lines that run through the cabin and into bulkhead fittings in the firewall. Fuel pressure is controlled by a SARD fuel pressure regulator and Mine’s gauge.


To help reduce some weight and make more room in the cabin, a custom aluminium dash has been installed. The instrument panel has been replaced with a more accurate Defi digital dash reader and VVT controller.


Under the hood, the old RB20DET has been removed and replaced with a RB25DE+T. The head and block are still factory, but don’t let that fool you, this is a very strong engine. The bolt on parts are what makes this a serious piece of art. Cast aluminium plenum, 80mm throttle body, custom steam pipe manifold with a 45mm Turbosmart wastegate that works alongside a TIAL 50mm blow off valve and GFB boost tap and some 550cc injectors out of a Nissan GTR feeds fuel into the engine.



To top it off, Kurt has gone with a massive DSR 35/82 AR70 turbocharger, DSR intercooler and radiator with a full 3-inch mild steel exhaust system. Lin Chen from CDM in Tauranga has tuned the car to make a very respectable 300kw on only 15psi.



The steering and suspension arrangement is very simple yet effective. The front knuckles have been modified to give maximum lock with the help of GKTECH offset rack spacers. Caster arms have been relocated and a drop spindle tie rod end fitted to reduce bump steer. BC Red adjustable suspension with front and rear camber arms make it easier to make slight adjustments track side.



Kurt built this car with the express intention of riding the walls and he is definitely not afraid to see how close he could get time after time.


Unfortunately not long after this, there was a sudden down pour while he was on the track and he ended up hitting the wall hard which ended his day. Knowing Kurt it will be fixed in no time, and better than ever.

Kurt Blackie Drift


Quick Specs
Car: Nissan Skyline R32
Engine: RB25DE+T
Capacity: 2.5L
Ignition: DSR high performance coils, spitfire spark plugs
Injectors: 550cc GTR
Turbo: DSR GT 35/82 AR70
ECU: Link G1 Plus
Diff: 4.3 ratio
Transmission: RB20DET
Interior: 6 point roll cage, NZKW bucket seats, 4 point harnesses, custom hydro handbrake, custom aluminium dash and door cards, Defi digital dash reader
Exterior: Full BN Sports body kit with BN Sports front and rear wide body, ROTA RB-X 9.5″wide, 235/45/17 Tri-ace tyres
Power: 300kw on 15psi

Kurt would like to thank his sponsors:

KP Performance
Cany Customs
Ronio Vector Wear
Bay Tyre & Alignment
360 Link
Rota Wheels NZ
Sign Shack LTD Tauranga
Concept Dynamic Motorsport