If you have even a passing interest in rotary engines, then chances are you have seen ‘LUD’. A frequent entrant in all kinds of events and jamborees, Matt Maltaric and his Datsun 1200 Ute are well known throughout the scene. The plates are pronounced “LOOD” coming from Matt’s native croatian tongue meaning crazy or mental; a rather fitting description of this mini machine.  The mad scientists at Promaz are responsible for the heart transplant that keeps this mental patient alive: a Mazda 13B turbo.

Matty Lud Ute_-8

Matty Lud Ute_-2

The Datsun  came into Matt’s possession through a friend’s father, who instantly noticed how enamoured he was with the car. A few promises of taking excellent care and building it to it’s full potential and Matt was able to pry the keys out of his hands. The slow and steady approach to the build meant that LUD didn’t have too many major hurdles – measure twice, cut once is the moral of the story here. Everything had to be planned perfectly, after all there aren’t many 13B datsuns running around to use as a template!

Matty Lud Ute_-5


The little rotor is pumping out an incredible 780hp at the wheels, which propels the tiny chassis down the standing quarter in a very quick 9.41 @150mph. Matt has the Dyno Sheets and run slips to prove it. Power needs fuel, and power like LUD’s means you will only be going about 16okms on a single tank, this ain’t no prius!


Jamboree 2016_-20


Promaz and Auto Image shared interior duties, which complements the loud exterior nicely. Suede and leather are splashed around liberally and new carpet keeps the look tidy. It has a custom Microtech 7″ display with an autometer shift light, 2 Sparco seats with Velo harnesses to keep everyone snug. Keeping Matt safe is the ANDRA Approved 6 point cage. A basic Sony sound system was also installed for the days when Matt feels like punishing his wallet and doing a Servo crawl cruise.

Matty Lud Ute_-4

The 13b Turbo is fed an E85 & castor oil mix, with the computer work handled by Microtech and MSD units. The oil system has been upgraded with a high volume pump and a Promaz custom billet sump. Promaz custom built an intercooler, radiator and oil cooler specifically for this car to make sure all the temps are where they should be. Additional custom work is seen in the exhaust, which is a stainless manifold paired with a 3.5″ dump pipe split to twin Magnaflow mufflers. The gearbox was borrowed from a series 5 RX-7, before being split apart and strengthen with dog gears and a Promaz billet belly plate. A short shifter and twin plate clutch help keep Matt in control. Keeping with the custom theme is the 9 inch diff, finished with billet axles and 4.56 ratio.

Matty Lud Ute_-6


The Lamborghini Orange paint extends into the tray, where is covers mini tubs, custom made to ensure the large 17×10 Simmons FR17 don’t rub and destroy the Mickey Thompson rubber. The 17×6.5 fronts house an upgraded Wilwood brake system to help it pull up from its high top speeds.


Matty Lud Ute_

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Matt is still hugely in love with this mini mental mobile, but he already has plans for another project: A 1971 RX2 coupe is currently in the build, with just a ‘mild’ 10sec street package! Stay tuned for more.

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Matt would like to thank:

Simon from Promaz
The Promaz Team
His Parents


Quick Specs
Car: Datsun 1200 Ute
Engine: 13b Turbo
Capacity: N/A
Injectors: Bosch 550cc x4
Turbo: GTX 42R @ 29psi ( soon to be 40)
ECU: Microtech
Diff: 9″ Custom billet axles 4;56 ratio
Interior: Custom Promaz and Auto Image, ANDRA 6 point cage,Sparco Seats,Velo Harness, Microtech 7″ Display
Exterior: Lamborghini Orange, Tubbed. Simmons FR17 17×10 rear and 17×6.5 at front. Wilwood brakes.
Power: 780hp at the wheels  @29psi  (soon to be 40psi)
Sponsors and Thanks: Promaz, his parents,Blake, Anthony and Mickey