Like absolutely everything else in the Japan, Car park meets operate on a completely different level to what most of us would be used to. The cars, the locations, the attitude of the police and the friendly people all blew my mind. Tokyo’s Parking Area meets are world famous for a reason. I knew roughly what to expect, but nothing could prepare me for how awesome it was to experience.

Our original plan to head to the Daikoku Parking Area. A massive meet was planned to coincide with the Toyko Auto Salon. Unfortunately the meet got so large that police caught wind of it before it really kicked off, and it was shut down. We really lucked out though, talking to a couple of the guys at the  BAYSIDE MEET(Coverage here)  we found out that most guys were now heading Tatsumi.

speed nation tatsumi

We jumped back in our van headed further from the centre of  Tokyo towards our new destination. We were all buzzing from the awesome cars we’d see at Bayside as we drove towards Tatsumi. Had tonight already peaked? Or could it get better?



Yes, it appears things can always be better! 🙂 The first cars we spotted as entered the P.A. was this mint 458, sitting next to an original VW Bug that looked like it had just been stolen from a museum. It was better than a museum though, amazing builds and epic cars just kept rolling through to be admired.


Everything from rare exotics and off tap imports,



(questionable 😉 ) street legal track cars


and very clean, stock street cars were on display. Where ever you looked something was guaranteed to steal your attention.


Police patrolled the P.A. but were only there to stop traffic blockages and to enforce the law if someone did something stupid or dangerous. Which we thought was fair. (Australian Police take note please.)


The backdrop sure helped create that atmosphere too. All of these ridiculous machines flying in and out with the set for Blade Runner extending across for as far as you could see.


If a car wasn’t parked, odds were that the driver wasn’t shy, and you were  in for some sweet sweet sounds to compliment the visual overload. The Car Guy’s F40 made quite a dramatic entrance, completed a lap of the park, then gunned it back on to the freeway with rev limiter action,  some frying tyres and even some flamage.


I remember a specific moment when the F40 belted past, just seconds after I took the shot above, It felt like everything in the Universe had lined up just for me. It made me appreciate how awesome life can be. I was filled with a contentment that one will only experience in life a handful of times. That’s probably more than enough introspection, let’s get back to what your here for…


Check out this Fast and Furious inspired RX7! It was completely off it’s face!


Nos, neons, scissor doors and an apparent lack of fucks for any one else’s opinion.



This complete freedom to create whatever you desire, and not something that will be accepted by the scene, is exactly why we all envy the Japanese car scene.

One of the other things I noticed… One billion Rx7’s! Which is never a bad thing to notice.






I was lucky on the night to meet up with a Japanese student who was happy to stroll around and help translate. This is his mate’s car above, A very clean MR2. Another example of the welcoming nature of the car peeps in their scene.


We weren’t the only imports though, we ran into a group of GT-R owners who were all Ex-pats from across the United Kingdom and the States. They’d all been bitten by the J-Bug. After trips to the Japan they’d all been hooked, and decided to make the move and now live in Tokyo.

Did you you notice the R9 Jackets?

_DSC9415_small _DSC9391+_small



Time for GT-R love now… Suppose you had to choose between the following two cars, which one would you choose?

_DSC9329_small _DSC9362_small

A modified Z-Tune!? I’m pretty sure it’s legit, it was rocking the oil coolers, over fenders and paint, but it had some exrta mods on it too. Am I being small minded to think it’d be hard to MODIFY a real Z-Tune? Either way, this car was amazing and gave me funny feelings in my pants.


Love that Blue!

Now let’s have a closer look at that Martini Porsche

_DSC9367_small _DSC9368_small _DSC9369_small _DSC9373_small _DSC9381_small _DSC9382_small


So much WIN on one car! It was my favourite of the night, eclipsing even the F40! The night wasn’t super car exclusive though, there were plenty of realistic cars on display too.
Even the standard cars were full of nice little touches. Check out these rad TRD rims and spoiler on this Corolla. Takumi made an appearance in his panda Trueno, it wasn’t as cool as seeing it roll in at a mountain pass, but it still nice to see one in the wild and not sitting pretty as part of some display.




Next time we’ll organise to stay longer, just as we had to pack up and leave another wave of wild rides approached the P.A.


Oh well, there’s always next year!