Thursday 26th March called for the 3rd End of Month Meet held at Eastern Creek for this year.  Held by Zen Garage, this month’s gathering was the biggest one yet.  The weather was fantastic which helped deliver the massive turn out.  The sunset was on point, which made for some wicked photos! Pic1

The Meet brought out all the regulars as well as some new faces, who I am sure as hell will be attending the next one!  Meets like this are a great way to come out and see cars that you wouldn’t normally see at your make/model-specific clubs and groups.  It’s also a great way to see unique and different things that no one has done before and maybe even get you inspired to try something similar on your own ride.  It’s also the perfect time to show off all the cool and quirky additions you’ve done to your own pride and joy.Pic2

It was great to get around and meet a few people and get to talk about their rides.  You really get to see the connection that people have with their cars, and this adds to the character of their ride.  I managed to grab a couple of sweet cars as they were rolling in for a small ‘mini photoshoot’ during sunset at the bottom of the carpark.  The stories of how much people change their cars appearance or performance were great and having your own to tell and relate is a wonderful feeling that we all share being enthusiasts.Pic3

One of the cleanest and tastefully-modded GTR R32’s I’ve seen was one of the cars I grabbed as they were pulling in, and I am glad I did!   These shots really show the elegance of this car, despite the age, still one of the Japanese market’s biggest icons – and for good reason!Pic4Pic5

The coolest car I saw on the night would have had to have been this Nissan Murano.  Air-bagged and sitting on some clean shoes, it was simple and not overdone.  A real eye catcher!

There were some very clean engine bays on display this month, but this Exquisite VL Calais takes the cake!  The red and chrome combo just worked so well with this car.  You don’t get to see too many examples like this one where it’s done right!

Just before the sun had finally disappeared, this graceful white S15 caught the corner of my eye.  I managed to score a small portion of his time to do a small individual shoot in the sunset.  It sits so lovely on Work Miesters and really does set itself apart from the rest of the million S15’s out there.
Pic9 Pic8

This minion loves the bass!  We had this WRX pumping tunes a lot of the night.  And it was really gathering crowds.  Although with a simple looking setup, the bass was felt throughout the meet.  With clean and punchy sound waves, it was sure that the owner values the quality of his music.

I can’t wait for the next EOMM.  They are always a pleasure to get out to and just get amongst the atmosphere.  What better way to enjoy our passion than with 100’s of other like-minded people. Let’s see how much better the next meet is!

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