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Powerskids, cruising, burnouts and off street racing has long been apart of Powerplay, So how do you spice up a already hugely successful event? Get 16 of south east Queensland’s toughest cars to compete in a ‘Run-It-How-You-Brought-It’ Street Outlaw event with no rules and $500 buy in. Excitement Guaranteed.

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Something else that I had been excited to see in the flesh was Matt Mingay’s new Hot Wheels trophy truck. This thing is just mental! Jumping an insane 50m with what seems like little to no effort. I have been really lucky in the past to be close to the Stuntz inc team and getting right in there but this really took the cake. Matt will be racing this truck against some of the worlds best at the clipsal 500 in a few weeks time.

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For the $500 buy-in event, the day started by drawing numbered welsh plugs to get each of the first pairings matched up. From there , a round robin took place with the winners from each heat continuing their battle for the money bag.
All of the entry money went back into the kitty. First prize was a whopping $7000! Runner up took $1000 home for their efforts.
The diversity of cars taking part was unreal. From a CA18DET powered Datsun Ute to a 2000hp Supercharged Outlaw. The only rule stated that the entered car had to have swinging doors so it was blown wide open to interpretation. There has been a lot of debate since the event regarding what is fair but when there is no rules and 200m of bitumen you have to make your own luck.

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With entrants and crowd numbers forever growing as well as the numerous Powercruise die hards attending every event, The PC movement has become a sort of religion with the event doing a full circle of sorts. Cars are no longer built for the street and compete at Powercruise, in today’s world cars are built FOR Powercruise and built to get power down when and where needed. Not just at the fully prepared drag strip.

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For me, one of the highlights of the event is seeing how the big workshops conduct themselves with the likes of HPS, JW Racing and Hi Torque always being well represented by a wide variety of heavily modified street and track cars. JW racing is always up the pointy end of the powerskids with their crazy VE Commonwhore. #DROOOOL.

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To see when Powercruise will be closest to you check out http://www.powercruise.com/ with the next event melting the bitumen at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 12th -15th or March 2015.

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