When you hear of a Japanese car meet, most people instantly think of a scene out of Tokyo Drift.

If you attended the recent Super Street event in Tokyo, it’s exactly what it is! Minus the car park drifting of course..

Now this was another first for me, my first visit end of 2015 we did not have much time to attend any car meets due to our busy schedule. This time round we made sure we got to check out all the cool shit.

We got a little lost trying to find the place, but thankfully for the swarms of 100’s of modified cars all flowing in the same direction, lead us to the location.

Parking up on the street with the Stacked inc & Hardtuned Crew. We began to walk to the multi-level where the meet was hosted. Of course during our walk there we saw a huge array of modified cars coming from all different directions.

The atmosphere of walking into the ground level lit up a huge smile on my face, the music playing, the cars setup on display, 100’s of people walking around. As Autosalon had just setup the current day, there was a big mix of people from around the world there.

We all walked in as a group and within the first 15 seconds I was gone. I was that excited I completely forgot about the group I was with, but then again we all ventured off to what caught our eye first.

The multi-level car park was packed. As I slowly got through viewing the ground floor, I’d walk my way up.. and up and up and up. Endless levels of quality cars, It was great to meet a ton of new car enthusiasts from all over the world. Although with some the language barrier was a struggle, it didn’t stop us sharing photos of each other’s cars off our phones and adding each other on facebook or the exchange of business cards.

The police presence seemed very high from start to finish, but none seem to affect the meet in any way. They were helpful guiding people into the car park and very helpful when everyone was leaving. Directing traffic and blocking certain roads to allow us to flow out quickly. Although you could not understand what they were saying, they seemed very calm and a cheery smile on all their faces. A slight difference to what it’s like in Australia!