Saturday 30th of May, marked the 5th annual Hunter Valley Cruise for Australian wide forum, SubyClub. This event was something like no other that i have been apart of before. Held so professionally and smoothly, it was nothing but a pleasure to be involved in the day.
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This annual tradition has now grown from a smaller cruise of about 60 cars in the first years of running HVC, to now a day that sees Subaru Enthusiasts coming from all over the east coast of Aus to be apart of. It is also known as being the biggest cruise of there year! The count for 2015 got to 320, with even more uncounted – This is awesome news!!
The excitement from people in anticipation for this event was seen in the weeks prior to the day with hundreds of posts on the Forum and SubyClub Facebook pages, of people posting their preparation for the event, and discussing what they have done specially for the big day!
For some its just a drive and for others its the chance to bond with old mates who they haven’t seen in a while or even to make new mates with similar rides or interests! It’s definitely a day that is deserving of a mark on the calendar!
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So the cruise starts officially starts off from Berowra Truck Stop, where the old toll gates used to be located. This was packed out very quickly with cars EVERYWHERE! It was feeling like a big day already. Everyone was happily talking to fellow enthusiasts and browsing around at other cars and admiring mods people have done to be that little bit more different. It was great and everybody i got to speak to was pleasant and respectful! It great to know that not all the whole car scene its so judgemental and critical!

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From here we traveled onto the M1 Freeway, first passing through Old Pacific HWY to Brooklyn. we then all traveled together to the Peats Ridge, where we meet up with the group from the central coast. This was just off the freeway on Flynns Road, which was left with no space! once we were all regathered we then continued along Peats Ridge road until Central Mangrove, where we followed George Downs Drive through Buckety and took the Great North Road through the state forest, until we reached Wollombi. This is where we all had a chance to have a toilet and break, a drink and grab some pics.

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The Next stop was the final destination of the trip which was up at Harrigans Irish Pub, Hunter Valley. The route from Wollombi to the Pub was great full of twists and turns, just what an enthusiasts loves in a good cruise. As soon as we started pulling into the pub, it was obvious that numbers had grown significantly since the first initial meet up. We had the chance for lunch at the pub and then its was like one big family walking around admiring what we saw.. It didn’t matter if it was from older models to new, from stock cars to heavily modified, everyones car has a story. And the greatest thing about SubyClub is that, everyone is willing to share theirs! There isn’t a lot of clubs that can say they have this characteristic within their club and its something that makes these kind of events that much better to be apart of!
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I would like to thank all the organisers and everyone else who helped on the day who mad this event run so smoothly! It’s not easy to have such a big turn out and manage to run things as great as this! Not only Subaru’s attended this massive event either, there were a couple of Evo’s a Toyota Chaser, and a Suzuki Cappuccino. There is seriously nothing negative that occurred on this day! Its even turned to a family friend event with people bring their whole family, including the dog! Hell, even Superman and Batman made it out! I honestly can’t wait for the next one,  and I’m eager to see how much this grows in the following years to come!

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