Rob Nguyen announced very publicly that 2017 will be the Mighty Mouse’s last hurrah at World Time Attack, but it’s clear that he intended for it to be one hell of a last party. Day 1 saw the FWD beast annihilate the Pro AM Class lap record, posting a 1:26.53! To put that in perspective, that means the CRX was faster than half the Pro class, and managed a 4th outright for Day 1 of competition. Day 2 saw the beast go faster again: 1:26.27, an absolutely insane performance from a base car that some would argue is mundane.

The little Honda weighs a smidge over 800kgs and pumps out an impressive 503kw – that’s 674hp in the old money – anything but boring.  The Mouse truly deserves it’s ‘Mighty’ title; the Pro AM class is full of powerful machines that in the mind of many punters should have been able to give Rob a run for his money, but with a huge lead to the nearest competitor the Mouse seems unbeatable at this point, and with its unfortunate retirement, we will never see it go head to head again.

Rob and The Mouse have improved every year, with a 3rd in 2015, he then followed up with a 2nd in last years competition, and it was clear he was hungry for the win this year. Every time the Honda hit the track Rob was pushing it to it’s limit. Not a single centimetre of track was left to use. He had a big moment during the first session on Day 2, and still managed to put down a 1:26.6.

The final shootout saw Rob take to the track with a guaranteed 1st place, but Rob isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He pushed the tiny Honda harder again and re-broke his own record, finishing a fairy tale career for the Mouse with the almost unbelievable 1:26.27 time mentioned earlier.

Rob very deservedly picked up the Cams ‘Spirit of Time Attack” award, given to the competitor who the officials feel best represent the values of World Time Attack.

It’s a shame to see the CRX retired from WTAC competition, but it’s always good to go out on a high and who knows what crazy contraption 101 Motorsports will come up with next.

Long live the Mighty Mouse!