In my opinion, one of the best things about Japan is the car scene… Especially their variety, their fearless approach to try new things, the lack of regard for conventions and rules (which is quite funny when you consider how the rest of the country operates).

speed nation japan ferrari f430The Japanese aren’t afraid to take a super car which most people would regard as “perfect”, and go to town on it, transforming it in to an even more unique and personal work of art.

One such example is Mr Sakai’s Ferrari F430.

speed nation japan ferrari f430I met up with Mr Sakai and his girlfriend Ayumi on a recent visit to Japan and asked him a few questions about this magnificent piece of machinery.

 SN: So, how long have you been lucky enough to call yourself a Super car owner?

“I’ve owned super cars for around 5 years now. My first super car was a Ferrari F348. After that I bought a Ferrari 360 Modena. Next was my Lamborghini Murciélago Lp-620 and now my F430 which I’ve had now for about 3 years.”
speed nation japan ferrari f430
SN: Wow, that’s a very impressive list! Why did you choose the F430 for the latest project?

“A good friend of mine builds custom cars at Abflug. We were talking about building something unique. We had the idea to combine my love of both Lamborghini and Ferrari and  came up with the concept for this Lamborghini styled F430.”

speed nation japan ferrari f430“I got a lot of inspiration from the Lamborghini Veneno. After many meetings with the lead designer about what would suit this project best I decided on this model. The beautiful Ferrari F430.”

Our concept was to create “The Ferrari made by The Lamborghini owner.”

speed nation japan ferrari f430Abflug are known world wide for their crazy ideas, both in styling and pushing the mechanical side of cars to their limits. To this day, one of the fastest cars I’ve ever been in would be their old R33 GT-R show car. The G-force while accelerating was just ridiculous (and amazing)!
Mr Sakai would like to thank Abflug and his friends and family for their assistance during the project.
Enjoy the rest of the gallery of Mr Sakai’s one of a kind Ferraraghini F430.
speed nation japan ferrari f430speed nation japan ferrari f430

speed nation japan ferrari f430   speed nation japan ferrari f430 BUILD SHOTS


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speed nation japan ferrari f430