These days drifting has become big business. Thousands of dollars have been put into developing cars that make big horsepower and look cooler than ever. Just look at some of the crazy stuff coming out of Japan these days, like Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini Murcielago. Or Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari powered Toyota GT86 currently being built in America. It takes a lot to stand out these days from all the ordinary drift cars you see each weekend at the track. Well, Scott Roberts Nissan Silvia has done just that. But on a much smaller budget.
photo 1
You see, Scotts Silvia isn’t just your ordinary S14. In fact its not a S14 at all. The car has had a complete S14 face swap at the front end, and kept the original S13 body lines for the rest of the car, making it a cool looking, and uniquely built S13.4. What makes it even cooler is that the SR20 motor has been pulled out, and there is now an awesome sounding RB25DET under the bonnet. Now we’re talking about an awesome built car!
photo 2
After knowing Scott for a few years and seeing him at the track on multiple occasions, or drinking with him at a mutual friends workshop, I learned that Scott has been an enthusiast for a long time. He has previously owned a Series 5 Mazda RX7, a Honda S2000, and a Skyline R32 GT-R, with his current daily drive being a VE Holden HSV Maloo.
It was only a little over a year of knowing Scott, before I finally got an invitation to photograph the S13 at Southern Performance center who sponsor and store the car. But before we go too far let me show you what the car has transformed from.
photo 3
Before the facelift, the car was still running the RB25, but was bright orange and battle damaged from driving with one of the best. Seen here is Naoto Suenaga from team orange testing out Scott’s car at the Australia Day round of DCA. Fitting driver for the car colour I guess, wouldn’t you agree? It was shortly after this event that the parts for the conversion were purchased. Jump forward 6 months and you have the awesome looking car you see here.
photo 4
So back to Scott’s car now. As I said it’s no longer running the stock SR20 motor but has been upgraded with the more powerful 6 cylinder RB25DET out of the R33 Nissan Skyline with a stronger RB25 gearbox behind it. Internally the motor is still fairly stock but bolted on to the side of it is a Trust TD06 turbo on a Greddy top mount manifold with a Greddy external waste gate fitted to the back. The intake side also has the Greddy goods with their well known and proven forward facing plenum, as well as Blitz 750cc injectors to take care of the E85 fuel the car runs on. To take care of cooling, the car was fitted with a Koyorad radiator and oil cooler to keep engine temps down. Add in all the other fruit you usually find in a drift cars engine bay like, a pod filter and catch can, and you have a tidy little package making 300kw.
photo 5
Inside the cockpit of the car, Scott has fitted a pair of Bride racing bucket seats with safety harnesses, and CAMS spec half cage to allow him to take passengers for laps. To handle the beast is a Nardi style deep corn steering wheel, and a hydraulic handbrake to lock the rears up when needed. A dash full of gauges keeps Scott well informed on what’s happening under the bonnet.
photo 6
The height and stability of the car is taken care of by a set of HSD coil overs that Scott has fitted, as well as all the adjustable suspension arms up front that you would find in any well set up drift car. The rear on the other hand is still fairly stock with only adjustable camber arms and modified traction control arms. Scott uses a variety of wheels, but all of them are wrapped in Achilles tyres, which sponsors him at events.
photo 7
Since meeting Scott and talking about cars, I think the S13.4 may be my favourite one he has owned. Going for a passenger ride with him has definitely confirmed that. If you want to see more of Scott’s car head out to any drift event in South Australia and you’re bound to see him barbecue a set on track.
Scott would like to thank all the guys down at Southern Performance Center for the crazy overhaul on his S13, making it an awesome machine to drive.
As well as his other sponsors:
-Burson Auto Parts Lonsdale
-Achilles Radial Tyres
-Sign Colour
-Edwardstown Powder coating
-Grand Auto Wreckers
-LSK Towing
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