Story and Photography by Paul Jakubicki

The car scene in Australia over the last 12 months has grown in leaps and bounds. Community meets, Show n Shines and End of Month Meet’s held by the many clubs are popping up all over the internet with big success. Many cars look the business, but nothing says “Put ya money where ya mouth is!” like a good old fashioned Dyno Day.

The Mexican chapter of Skylines Australia held their Annual Dyno Day in early April with help from the guys at Road Track Rally and 2 big sponsors – Motul Australia and Driver Dynamics.

25 cars came to battle it out on RTR’s dyno and they weren’t all Skylines… 8 different makes made up the field which is testament to the great people and culture at SAU, with many members staying on board regardless of what car they drove. The day began early, perhaps too early for some but participants and friends soon started rolling in, and before we knew it, the empty workshop was filled with an eager crowd.

Dan from Road Track Rally started off with explaining how the event was going to be run, how the figures were achieved and what to look out for. Always the professional, he puts the car first and if he feels something is not right, he won’t do the run.

First on the rollers was Scott’s immaculate Nissan Stagea. Being a spanner twirler by trade, most of the work and fabrication was done by Scott and 290kw at all 4 wheels shows he knows what he’s doing. This figure too was unbeaten for most of the day until the GTR boys came to play.

Next up was the first imposter – this neat Evo7 and 1 of 4 Evo’s hitting the dyno that day – pulling a very respectable 207kw at all 4.

This clean Evo8 MR put down the best figure of the 4 with 217kw.

A real head-turner was Nick’s VW tractor and the first Euro to stretch it legs on the dyno. Slammed on Land Rover wheels gave it that WTF? appeal but in a good way. Kudos to Nick for doing something different and making it work. On the dyno it impressed too. Being an oil-burner it’s not about the kw but the torque, and this VW pulled harder than most teenagers. With 384nm under the hood, Nick is sure to surprise a lot of people on the road.

Meanwhile outside the street was filled with Skylines and many other clean rides. None stood out as much as this Bayside Blue R34 GTR. Inside the RTR compound more cars were on display including Samir’s immaculate R32 GTR, chosen to be the “Guess the KW” car for the day attracting many keen onlookers to carefully go over Samir’s smorgasbord of mods.

These 3 awesome GTR’s had people swarming around them all day, and it’s easy to see why.

A Skyline Australia event wouldn’t be complete without the mighty R35 and the first to arrive was Sam with his jaw-dropping GTR rolling on ADV-1 wheels.

Within minutes another 3 R35’s arrived and took centre stage in the carpark. The buzz surrounding these machines could be felt by everyone. Car after car was put through it’s paces on the dyno but people couldn’t wait for the 4 R35’s to battle it out.

With it’s massive spoiler, shopping list of parts and dual bonnet vents, many thought this Excel would break the dyno. Thankfully there was also an award for Lowest KW car…

The cleanest car of the day would have to go to Opal’s 370Z. Nice simple mods got heads turning when she rolled in and put down a very respectable 204kW for a NA 6-cyl.

Pat’s R32 GTST decided to heat things up a bit… 195kw is definitely something worth smiling about.

The other flame-thrower for the day was Rob’s R33, with constant over-run flames on each run and a heart pumping 221kw.

Throughout the day the SAU crew put on a sausage sizzle which was a big hit as they all went very very quickly. The short lunch break also allowed the organisers to draw the raffle with prizes donated by major sponsors Motul Australia and Driver Dynamics.

The break also gave everyone the chance to put in one final guess for Samir’s GTR before it was put on the rollers. With the workshop packed with eager onlookers and what looked like a sea of camera phones recording the run, the R32 didn’t disappoint. 313.4kw at all 4 made it the most powerful car of the day (R35-excluded).

Someone is a bit happy with that result!

This t-shirt put a smile on a lot of faces, especially the back which read “more than my wife!”

To mix it up a bit, the Skylines baby brother Pulsar wanted to play too.

Liams super clean sleeper putting down 193kw and Matt’s more aggressive N14 belting out 210kw through the fronts.

Finally the time came for the much anticipated R35 Battle. First up, Jonothan’s sinister looking [R-35]. First run it put down 320kw before hitting limp-mode due to high transmission temps. Rather than run the risk of breaking something, the 2nd and 3rd runs were aborted.

Time for [NISMOO] to enter the ring and with it’s upgraded turbos and other go-fast mods, this was the crowd favourite to take out Highest KW.

What an ass! [NISMOO] ended up smashing down a huge 389kw!

Cheng and his [V-SPEC] putting out an impressive 347kw.

Finally it was Sam with his immaculate solid black [TPIACE] GTR. Big numbers were expected and we weren’t disappointed. Sam’s GTR pumping out 390kw on its first run claiming the Highest KW prize.

Some would say Sam’s mods are Top Secret, others would say it was the Diet Coke can that got him that extra kw. Either way this is one serious GTR with plenty more still to come.

He came, he conquered.

All in all a very successful day for both Skylines Australia and Road Track Rally. A huge turnout and the high standard of cars not only taking part but also on show is testament to SAU and how well they run their events. Be sure to keep an eye out for future SAU events as they’re only going to get better.

Many thanks must go to John and Aaron for organizing the event and allowing us to get close and personal with all the cars. Dan and his team from Road Track Rally for their expertise and first-class facilities. Motul Australia and Driver Dynamics for their sponsorship and helping make the event what it was.