Simon Michelmore and his S14 Silvia are a well know name in the Australian drift scene. But what a lot of people don’t know is before his S14, he had many other street and drift cars, among them were 3 AE86 Sprinters. Say hello to number 4! A full JDM spec 1986 GT Levin Coupe.

photo 1

Unlike his other sprinters which were powered by tuned 4A-GE engines, this one is running a 7A-GE, which is a 7A-FE with rebuilt bottom end, and 4A-GE bigport head on it. It also has HKS 264 cams and adjustable cam gears, intake is the usual pod filter, with the exhaust side taken care of by a full Fujitsubo exhaust system and heat wrapped manifold.
The whole thing is controlled by an Adaptronic E420D ECU, and tuned by the guys at Garage 7 in Adelaide. All in all it’s a very neat engine package, producing 85kw at the rear wheels. While that might not look super impressive on paper, Simon assures us there’s still enough ponies there to make driving fun.

photo 2

When talking to Simon about the car, he told me some plans he had for the car, and one of them was to swap the engine out. Like his S14 (which most people did not realize it had) he plans on replacing the 7A-GE with a Beams 3S-GE out of a Toyota Altezza, but unlike his Silvia which is turbocharged, he plans on running it N/A with individual throttle bodies. But that will only happen once he gets tired of the 7A-GE.

photo 3

When you walk around the car you cant help but notice how low it sits. This is due to the Greddy Type-S coilovers it has fitted, along with a TRD sway bar and Whiteline bushes up front, and Whiteline sway bar and SuperPro bushes at the back. It’s so low that when following Simon to the photo shoot location, it sent sparks flying a few times while scraping rails on every bump in the road. Because of this the coilovers are currently for sale and Simon is opting for something a little less track orientated and will be fitting a set of Shockworks coilovers instead.

photo 4

photo 5

Wheels are currently 13×9 +5 Super Speed Stars wrapped in Avon semi slicks. Simon is also selling these with the plan to run bigger wheels, as pulling the 13’s off requires the car to be slammed, as said above, it’s not very street friendly. Stopping the rubber from spinning are Project Mu CRD rotors with Endless MX72 pads all round. In my opinion I think he should keep the Speed Stars and deal with it hahaha. You can also see that the vehicle is fitted with Topstage carbon over-fenders, the plan is also to remove them and weld back on metal fenders to the rear, and Levin fenders to the front returning the car to a somewhat original look.

photo 6

The interior is pretty much all original besides the addition of Bride Zeta 3 and Brix 2 seats, as well as a Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel, and a couple of gauges.

photo 7

The body is fairly neat besides a few little scrapes and dents, but on Simon’s long list of things to do on the car, fixing up the body with a full re-spray is on the cards, along with replacing the FRP bonnet with a factory metal one,¬†and a fog light grill.

photo 8

photo 9

Driving behind Simon you can tell there’s a car enthusiast behind the wheel. The way the car handled surprised me, but maybe it was just the skill of the driver. If you ever get the chance to see Simon on the track, make sure you pay attention. As one of Australia’s best drifters it’s always exciting to see him drive.