It seems like only yesterday that we’d call an event a success if we had more than 20 cars show up in a dimly let car park without being  harassed by security or the police. A REALLY good event was a bbq at a workshop. Last year the boys from the-Lowdown organised their first real event, Showcased. Held on the roof of Fox Studios. It was one of the best events the Sydney car scene has enjoyed to date. It ran smoothly, there were some rad rides on display and everyone enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere. You can check out what was display here on’s wrap up. 

On Sunday the 8th of September the Australian Technology Park came alive with the sounds of highly tuned engines of all makes and models. 2013’s show really stepped things up. Transforming from 2012’s Car Park meet to  a National level events like as Motorex and Autosalon(without all the gay cars of course).

The old carriage works buildings were the perfect venue. The gritty industrial look made an exceptional backdrop for high quality vehicles on display.

This year saw the inclusion of a Dyno, which provided plenty of ear candy through out the day.

A mixture of makes, models and levels of performance gave spectators plenty of variety across the day.

Dom’s Wangan Midnight Warrior rolls up! You can check out our feature on Dom’s Wang HERE...

DJ’s mixed tracks all day long and filled the silence between dyno runs. There was a lot of talent on display that decided to stay parked for the entire event.

One of the most dominate crews on display was the House of Stance boys and girls. Taking up half a full alley way with an impressive array of cars. Bonus points awarded for their banners and group effort!

The show wasn’t limited to JDM styled rides either. A wide gamut of vehicles from across the globe and across time parked side by side. People milled from car to car with a sense of a wider appreciation.

The vendors on display at Showcased included the usual suspects, such as Zen Garage/All Stars along with their clean R32 GTR on display.


This panda AE86 has had an engine transplant with some VTEC yo!



Our personal favorites






In every aspect the 2013 Showcased was a success! An abundance of quality rides, Pimp location, Plenty of punters and a great vibe through out the whole day! We’ll be staying tuned to see what the boys at the-Lowdown put together for us next year.(No pressure guys…)

Pics by Joseph Hui | Words by Matthew Everingham

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