How on earth is the Nissan Skyline R32 already 30 years old? It only felt like a handful of years ago, they were on-sale and being torn around the legendary race circuits around the world.

In Australia, the Skyline Australia NSW Club, put on a 30th birthday bash for the Godzilla held at the Shannon Auctions facility in Sydney. Though many of the Nissan/Datsun family were on hand to help with the celebration, both road and track version were on hand.

There were 2 special R32’s keeping warm inside, one track & one road. Interestingly though both up to car show presentation standards.

Michele Guyer’s immaculate circuit prepped R32, their team has done a great job building it over the last couple years. It will only be quicker again come World Time Attack in October, with many improvements to the car since the hitout at WTAC last year.

Next to it was Terry’s insanely clean road going R32 N1 edition.