New Zealand has a considerable amount of quality, show case, old school Mazda Rotary powered vehicles. We pride ourselves in keeping these Japanese classics alive and kicking. What we’re about to show you is one perfect example of retaining the original look but adding a touch of modernness.

Without further ado, welcome ROT8N3.

This wasn’t how Brendan got the car from the beginning. When he first took ownership of the car 13 years ago, the interior wasn’t up to his standards, so he had the entire lot redone to bring it back to its former glory. 

It also had a 48mm IDA 12A PP engine nestled away under the bonnet, which didn’t last long without being tampered with. It got the injection perfection setup added to it along with a Davies Craig electric water pump. After being tuned it made a solid 220hp ATW.

After sorting the engine out, it didn’t match the exterior look of the car. Brendan then decided to have the entire car resprayed and replace some of the trims to more model correct ones.

Lots of other bits and pieces were sent off to be chromed such as the boot, door and bonnet latches. It didn’t end there. Every other chrome or polished metal item has also since had a make over.

Not long after, Brendan realised he wanted more from the car. The 12A was removed and replaced by a 13B turbo setup. Which consisted of a 13B turbo block with a Series 6 RX7 intake manifold with a Series 4 RX7 gearbox fitted with an Extreme Performance 6 Puk clutch. Forced induction was supplied via the massive Master Power turbo. The inter-cooler and oil cooler were custom made to suit while the exhaust was changed to a stainless steel 3 inch full exhaust from the turbo back. The Microtech LTS90 computer keeps everything in check.

Keeping everything fuel and petrol related under control was the custom made surge tank fitted with a Bosch 044 fuel pump. Backed up with a Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator, Speedflow fittings and braided lines there was no way the car would be starved. A Turbosmart BOV and 48mm external wastegate looked after the pressure release side of things. Auto Meter gauges ensured Brendan knew what was going on with other important aspects of the car at all times.

The rear diff remains from the RX3 with the LSD option. Series 4 RX7 brake disks sitting in behind 17″FR Simmons wheels. Toyshop adjustable coil over suspension fitted to the front and 2″ lowering blocks in the rear made for a more eye pleasing ride height without sacrificing performance.

The overall power made from this 1.3L engine is a lot more than expected for only boosting 8 psi, its making 350hp at the wheels! Brendan has never had any proper goals for the car but every year something gets brought up and redone, but he always tries to keep everything to a high standard, which we have seen he has truly done!

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