DSC01126 (1)

DSC01130The debut of Jake Jones’ new BMW E92 M3 build has been a talking point in the car scene ever since most people got word that he was building a new machine. With a following in multiple countries all over the world this car has so many people on the edge of their seats waiting to see the look, hear the sound and see the stats of how the crazy RB build performs.


With the stage all set for the big debut of DriftSquid’s BMW E92 M3 we have been following the progress very closely and we bring you all the details of the leadup to the big reveal. We managed to get it out of Jake at our last chat with him that the debut would take place in about 4 weeks time. I am pleased to be able to tell you the time has arrived and Jake was kind enough to give us the exclusive access to the leadup to the big reveal.

As soon as Jake clocked off from his day job on 19th Feb the trek begun across the country from his home in SA straight to Powertune in Sydney to see how the build was progressing. He would not be returning to SA until the M3 was in his hands. Over a week later he headed home with his dream build.


Powertune Australia have been putting a crazy amount of work into this car. This build is the world’s first BMW E92 M3 with a RB at its core. In Jake’s own words this is his dream RB build. The heart is a RB28 with a Tomei Stroker, custom Powertune Australia head, Hypertune manifold and supported by a GCG GTW6465 turbo. The transmission is a HGT Precision Gearboxes 5 speed sequential shift. Keeping the whole lot cool is a Hypertune intercooler.





Jake is stepping up his horsepower game to the standards seen in Formula Drift with the aim of 1000HP and he is also working at a solid 10,000RPM! Those numbers will see more smoke off the Yokohama AD08R tyre’s than ever before.



Unfortunately the build did not go as nicely as would have been hoped and despite the car being back in SA ready for its debut event at Clipsal 500 Adelaide it is not able to be driven. The original plan was for the M3 to be tested at Sydney Motorsport Park before Jake headed home with the BMW in tow. The RBMW would then have been driven by Jake at Clipsal 500 as part of the drift demonstration with Matt Mingay and Kent Dalton.



The new build M3 was still at Clipsal 500 but purely on show. Jake instead went out to shred the tyres of his Sonvia in the drift demonstration. If you are wondering what on earth is a Sonvia, well to explain it simply it is a 180SX front end, S13 Silvia back end and a Silvia bonnet. Jake was stoked for the opportunity to be drifting on track at such a high profile event and he hopes to return again next year to show what this amazingly built RB powered BMW can do. Jake put on a great smoke show on the Thursday for his first demonstration of the day. Unfortunately half way through his first lap of the second demonstration the motor of the Sonvia let go.

Jake opted to take the Sonvia home and just remain at the event purely to show the RBMW and talk with all the fans of his prospects and plans for this next level build.


Jake’s M3 #RBMW looks amazing with the Liberty Walk body kit. The minimalistic look of black and white shows the details so well. Of course there are the noteable sponsor stickers also emblazoned on the BMW. Just as this build is next level for Jake, he hopes to take it to next level events with his sights set beyond ADGP and hoping to take this 1000HP monster to the US. Hopefully we will see this machine making clouds soon but for now here are some pics of the completed look.