Nissan has made countless sports cars in its time. From small 4 cylinder hatches to 6 cylinder sedans, most would say that they haven’t made a poor quality sports car for a very long time. When it comes to their best, you cant go past the Skyline. Now when you think of the family of Skylines, most are in favour of the R32 or R34, or the older classics, the Hakosuka or Kenmeri. Unlike the other skylines though, you then have the not so favoured ugly sister of the bunch, the R33. Now you either love them or hate them, but the R33 has a major following and is usually the first skyline that comes to mind when you mention the famous sportscar lineup and Haydens 1998 four door R33 you see here will no doubt fall on the love side of the fence for most.

The main difference with Haydens skyline however is that its making power. Lots of power! 400kw from a RB25NEO which came out of its younger brother the R34. The choice to upgrade to the Neo came after the original RB25 motor blew up due to a poor wastegate line that had come off. Fitted to the side is a garrett GTX3076 turbo and 3.5″ exhaust. 1000cc injectors feed the thirsty beast while up front taking care of cooling is a Trust intercooler and blitz racing radiator to help keep temps down. Controlling all of this is a NGTR+ Link ECU fitted and tuned by the boys at Garage7 here in Adelaide. After the last incident with the motor, Hayden is now fitted with enough safety features that if anything goes wrong, the ecu will cut boost and stop the motor to save it all from destruction.

All this power has meant Hayden has needed to learn to drive the car all over again. Hayden would drive the ass off it when it was still a stock car but since the rebuild, things have gotten a lot more serious. And with large amounts of power comes a greater risk. So for safety, the car has been fitted with a full Rex Kelway roll cage to keep the chassis not only rigid but the people inside safe. Along with this the drivers seat has been swapped out for a Bride Zeta3 bucket seat, and the passengers for a R32 GTR bucket seat. That will hug both driver and passenger well and keep them sitting where they need to be. Inside the cockpit Hayden has fitted a selection of Blitz i-D gauges and a link screen to keep an eye on the safety of the vehicle itself. Also fitted is a nardi racing steering wheel.

The car sees very little time on the road and is mainly used for drifting at the track, so to set the car up, most of the suspension has been changed to suit the crazy setups drifting requires. BC Coilovers have been fitted front and rear with Hayden opting for 12kg up front and 10kg in the rear. In the front, JDI knuckles have been fitted with notched lower control arms and the steering rack moved forward to allow for more lock out of the steering setup. The rear has had a s15 Silvia subframe fitted with solid bushes to really strengthen the rear end of the car. Most of the suspension arms have been also upgraded with various makes of arms. For the wheels, Work Rezaks were fitted in 17×9.5 up front and 17×10.5 in the rear, with Kenda tyres all round. Brakes were upgraded also with Project Mu pads stopping this wild ride as quick as it accelerates.

Although the body has had its share of knocks from being on the track, you cant help notice how much work has gone into the vehicle trying to not only keep the level of presentation high, but to also improve the look as well. Styling has been taken from the early 2000’s era of Japanese styling. Low, Wide, and full sleeper spec. The rear fenders have had custom made flares which Hayden designed and made himself at home. The front have also had some work done with Tubbed inner wheelwell being fitted. All the metal for these changes have come from scrap bits of metal that Hayden had lying around since he is a welder by trade. In fact, the inner tubs are part of an oil barrel that was cut to size and welded in place.

Most of the time Hayden just takes the car out to local drift practice or Matsuri events for a bit of fun with friends, but he is also known to compete in competitions from time to time, being a regular at the new Road Riot events held at JDMX park. One things for sure, after seeing the amount of smoke this thing creates and the noise it screams, this is not your average sailboat of an R33, it’s more of a luxury yacht one could say. Hayden would like to thank the team at Garage7, the guys at All Type Crash, and the Wong Family at Sleeka Spares for all of their continued help and support. Make sure you get to a local drift night and check out Haydens car yourself. You won’t be disappointed.