“Bought a new daily, Need a new daily”.It’s something that is said by a large amount of car enthusiasts everywhere. The idea of buying a car, keeping it as stock as possible in the search of comfort & reliability, and driving it during the week whilst the “racecar” is kept for weekend use, is most definitely easier said than done.When I finally came to my senses and realised my 40 year old “daily” with solid mounts, stiff coilover suspension, no A/C and manual windows (that don’t quite wind up without some forceful help), wasn’t a great fit to get to work at 7am, I set out with a goal to find something original, comfortable and daily worthy.

We present, The Daily 180!As it sits, this particular 1991 Nissan 180sx has a classic 90’s feel. Not to mention the smell! It was imported in 94’ and has been in WA until early 2016, after which it was transported to NSW to the owner who parked it, not much happened, and then came in to my hands.The paint has large sun damage, the interior has some questionable stains with a touch of rust, but most of all, it’s auto!! But don’t think that these are going to stay for many months longer. Throughout the course of this cars’ progression to daily status (and more than likely further), we will be periodically updating these on what’s happened and how it’s coming along.For the time being, we’ve given the car some TLC and pulled as much grot as we can out of it. Cleaned it. Fixed the small issues like the tail light wiring and the interior bulbs. Thankfully, the car is complete. Stock with minor changes like a T28 BB turbo and a exhaust to match, a turbo timer with immobiliser as well as the auto trans being able to handle the power well but doesn’t give me the control over it that most of us want.Now so far, the power windows and working climate control unit are like luxury to me. As much as i love floating down the road without feeling a thing, the stock suspension rolls and I’m pretty sure 2 out of 4 struts are blown. Although, this is solved with some standard mods to came later!