The time has come again for one of the greatest events on the motorsport calendar for many. Teams from all over the world converge on Australian soil for the chance to be the fastest on the world stage. Where fractions of a second mean everything, I could only be talking about World Time Attack at the famous Sydney Motorsport Park.

With WTAC eve being considered an unofficial first day, teams all had the chance to test cars and for new comers, see the track for the first time. Last year’s pro class winner Tim Slade has some fierce competition with the likes of Under Suzuki back, and looking for his first win. Another steerer looking to make a statement is Canadian driver Will Au-Yeung driving the fastest FWD Honda Civic in North America.

Despite being only a practice day, teams headed out in sessions depending on their class throughout the day. Some drivers immediately set great times where others had the poor reality of a grenade going off. Thats what we refer to a mechanical failure or a blown engine and that’s exactly what happened for last years pro-am third place winner Chris Alexander.

Some more big names have also made the trip over with the likes of Fire Ando also from Japan in his Team Vivac Mitsubishi Evo. Making the trip over from Scotland was Andy Forest and his team driving his wild looking Subaru WRX.

Between sessions, the track was opened for the great Keiichi Tsuchiya from Japan, to do a few practice laps in his famous Hot Version N2 AE86 Toyota Sprinter. He also did laps in the Nostalgic Mazda 767B Lemans car. The same one that was crashed at last year’s Goodwood festival, though after a rebuild it now looks and drives as if it never happened.

At the end of the day the track was opened for the Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge. Some big names made the trip over for this event also with the likes of Mad Mike from New Zeland in his RX8 Badbull.

With all the action that happened on day one, you can imagine what’s to come on the “Official” day one of the greatest motorsport event on the calendar. If you haven’t got tickets yet, make sure you get some and head down to Sydney Motorsport park. If you don’t, I feel bad for you as it’s set to be one of the best for sure!