PINKSTYLE GP saw us witness two of the best drifters to come out of Japan. Naoki Nakamura from Pink Style, former member of Team Burst, and Miki Takagi who has taken the title of D1 Street Legal Ladies League. They made the journey all the way down to New Zealand for a thrilling weekend of world class drifting.
It all started off with a crew of 20 local drifters heading over to Meremere Sportsland to take part in a private drift day like no other, the Driving Workshop. The aim of this day was for Naoki to observe and instruct the other drivers on their technique and drift style.

Joining them was Shane Bingham from Stacked Inc. who was also lending a hand coaching. The focus was aimed at the local drivers, but there was a surprise in store for everyone attending. D☆CLub and C’s Garage had spent many long days and nights building a brand new car for Naoki and Miki to drive and show off their talent in. A SR20DET powered Nissan Silvia S13 putting out 280kw. Don’t let the power output fool you, this car was making more than enough power, backed by a fantastic setup to create a very competitive drift car.

And what an amazing looking car it turned out to be! Keeping in theme with the two C’s Garage cars, but with a reverse red to yellow fade and some crazy Japanese inspired graphics designed by Ash from Hero Prints.

It was time for Naoki and Miki to jump into the drivers seat for the first shake down of the freshly built S13 – What a show that turned out to be!  It didn’t take long for them to get comfortable in a car they have never driven before, instantly they started putting out runs that will stay in the minds of everyone participating, the likes of which had never been seen before at Meremere.

Maximum angle and wall rides were being laid down one after the other, effortlessly. It was an unreal sight to see a skill level like this without actually being in Japan – It was the stuff only seen on the internet.

As the day progressed and the drivers had been given some pointers everyone seemed to be getting a lot more confident and started pushing the limits of their abilities. A lot of the drivers making some very close, exciting wall runs!

Naoki was an inspiration to all. Even jumping into one of the drivers personal cars and showing off his talents in yet another car he has never driven before. His driving style is so precise the only damage done to the old Skyline was the pinstripe started to fall off the back bumper! Keisuke from D☆CLub was pumped to get out and battle with Naoki in his turbo S15 Silvia, which ended up with some amazing tandem drifting on the small track at the end of Meremere Dragway.

Some of the locals attending were of course, the C’s Garage boys themselves and also some other D1NZ drivers. All eager to get a chance to battle with the Legend!

Naoki was also eager to get into some battles, that ended up being some of the most insane driving and battles which at some points was nerve-wracking to watch.

Miki wowed the crowd with her experience. I can safely say that seeing a women driving to the extent that she was is a rare sight in New Zealand, hopefully this encourages more to get out there and give it a go!


Naoki even got out onto the track and made himself a human clipping point. Encouraging the drivers to get as close as they could to him!

The day was a great success with everyone taking home some very valuable new ideas on how to approach drifting and see first hand in New Zealand how the drifting in Japan is at such a high level.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where even more drivers got to go out onto the Club Circuit at Hampton Downs and have the opportunity to drive with these drifting legends.