Owner Spotlight is a new regular section where we share a few images and a bit of back story some on some of our fans, their cars and what motivated to select/build their chosen vehicle. If you’d like to see yourself and your own car on our page shoot us an email. Info (at) SpeedNation.com.au or alternatively send us a direct message on our Facebook page!

To help celebrate the #Festivalof86, a celebration of the car and rich community of owners and enthusiasts built around the platform. We’ll be sharing more 86 owner spotlights and we’ll be sharing our coverage of the epic event put on by Toyota Australia. But right now, we’re kicking off with an old school classic.
Koval’s  Hachi Roku AE 86! Complete with wantanabees and even some Tofu decals.


-What’s your name, What do you do and where are you from?
Hi, My name is Michael Koval. I manage Team Wild Speed and I’m from Western Sydney.

-What’s your current ride?
I’ve got two. This here is my AE86 Trueno Sedan. It’s quite rare as the sedan was only available in Japan. I’ve also got a 10 second Evo 6 to play with.


-How long have u had the 86 for?
I’ve  only owned this car for about 2 months. I had the same model car before, but someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

-Why did you buy a second one after selling the first one?
I instantly regretted selling the previous 86. I’ve always loved these cars and as soon as I saw the old one drive away I wanted to find another one. 

-Whats your favorite thing about it?
It would have to be how rare it is and how you always get praise from all other car enthusiasts, regardless of their backgrounds and favorite car styles. The initial D movies helped as well.


-So you were inspired by the InitialD series?
For sure, I love the whole series. Owning a piece of the series is an awesome feeling!

What do you think about the 86 community?
They’re a cool bunch. Very passionate and always very helpful.

-How do think the 86 crew is different to other car groups?
I’ve found that with the 86 group they’re a LOT  more laid back than other groups. Generally, the guys seem to care less about who’s got more power/whose faster and more about having fun and appreciating everyone’s hard work.

-Whats your favorite thing about the 86 community?
I love that generally they are a helpful and friendly group who all share the same love of 86’s