In the world of professional motorsport a well put together team of mechanics and technicians work to get each car performing at its best. Keeley Motorsports bucks that trend, with Ben the owner bringing a total of 4 cars to this weekends World Time Attack Challenge. We aren’t just talking about any 4 cars either, Ben is responsible for building and overseeing the tune on some of the cars that are at the forefront of time attack racing. And the rush is on again to get each car 100% before the event.


With Ben specializing predominantly in Evo’s, when we went to his shop located in Browns Plains, Queensland he had a plethora of builds on the go including his daily Lexus GS300 with 2JZ conversion, and this Audi A3 mould breaker being a fresh and  unique approach to the clubsprint category. Although Ben loves being known for getting the most from the Evolution series he hopes by people seeing his daily, and his build on the A3 it will remove the stereotype and bring him clients from all realms of the car scene.


With budgets on time attack builds at an all time high clubsprint is the last frontier for the common man. With little to no aero and huge restrictions on modifications a solid base package is key. This Audi, although not common in time attack, has all the right ingredients to be competitive on track and still be a daily driven street car. Andrew Price the owner is no slouch behind the wheel showing his talent in the Suzuki Swift series.


As much as Ben is breaking ground with the Audi, there are two Evo 9 builds that use the 4g power plants he has tried and tested. Clubsprint warrior is Robert Murray’s Evo 9, with a precision racing built and tuned 2.2l, Norris dry sump kit and Ppg dog the team are hopeful for a sub 1:43 sec lap which would have seen him in the top ten at last years event. And Travis Allen’s open class Evo 9 with aero, aftermarket sub-frames, pro speed turbo and wide body it fits in the highly modified realm that is open class.


The 4th and most extensive build is Robert Gooley’s Evo 6 in that latest of many incarnations it has some serious potential. This car isn’t just used for time attack, competing in local hill climbs and even bolts on slicks and competes door to door in local sports sedan racing. It was about building a solid all round car, And with the help of Keeley Motorsport he has easily achieved that goal. Here at Speed Nation we hope all the late night working till 2 am was worth it as all the cars do battle tomorrow at the 3.93km Sydney Motorsport Park circuit.


Andrew Price Audi clubsprint:
Custom exhaust manifold to suit gtx 2871 done by us.
All fab done in house
Std engine
Std gearbox
Adaptronic ecu
Upgraded fuel system
Possible mca suspension
Stripped interior
Half cage
Stock body and Aero
Goal would be to get it to the event.
If we get it there would be to run a 1.45 or less.



Robert Murray Evo 9 clubsprint:

Precision racing built and tuned 2.2l
Norris dry sump
Ppg dog box ‘
MCA red suspension
Haltech elite ecu and supporting sensors including dash
Stripped interior Bolt in half cage
Goal would be to run a 1.43 or less


Travis Allen Evo 9:

Std engine
Pro speed Racing turbo
Custom exhaust done by us
Momentum motorsport front and rear subframes Ams
Haltech elite ecu and supporting sensors including dash.
Interior stripped and gutted by us at Keeley Motorsport
All fab done by us at Keeley Motorsport
Dms 50mm suspension
Carbon plus front bar
Bolt on rear wide body
Holinger sequential
Voltex rear wing

Goal is to run a 1.36 or less


Gools Evo:
Jhh built nitto 2.2l with Norris dry sump
Hypertune inlet
6 boost custom exhaust manifold for borg warner 8374
Maktrak 6spd sequential
Holinger shift knob
Interior gutted and stripped
“Custom cage UK” roll cage
Custom keeley motorsport wing mounts and uprights
MCA gold suspension
Race fab rear subframe
All fab done in house at Keeley Motorsport
Apr wing
Cawthorne composites front splitter
Haltech elite ecu with all supporting sensors and dash
Outcome would be to run 1.32 or less