It’d take more than Sydney’s disgusting humidity to keep the boys and girls from the  NSW 86/BRZ Car Club away from their Dyno Day. A capacity crowd of 20 entrants + spectators  swam through the warm, hot air and met up at Fast Torque Performance, next to Garage88 at Race Central.

It didn’t take much to warm up the Mainline 4WD Dyno. After everything was up to temperature and within spec the first of 19 86/BRZ’s and 1 very cranky track prepped S2K  hit the rollers.

A few of the really keen kids were out in the car park making those final tweaks, mods and flash tunes to steal an extra killer wasp or two for their little Toybaru’s.

Much like ‘the little engine that could’ there were some low number and there was some surprising numbers! With the shock of a low reading from a 1/2 tuned supercharged GT to proving that stock GTS rims 17×7 wrapped in 215/45 Prius Eco Michelin’s pulled 3 extra killer watts over the light weight 18×8 Wedssport TC105n’s wrapped in sticky 225/40 Nitto invo rubber.

Top honors for bog stock went to 50-BAIT pulling 115.9 *cough* it was auto! *cough* Highest modded N/A was 120.1 going to BRZ-86S hailing from IXA Battle Garage.

Highest went to 86-CAMO thanks to his Sprintex supercharger with 144.5…Not quite the result we all expected but if you saw the size of his rear 4pot brakes you could understand there was a little extra resistance in the rump of this silver bullet!

One highlight of the day was 86-TRD popping his clamp on his 3″ Tomei single exit titanium cat back and almost making everybody’s ears bleed! It had a silencer in it for a reason!!!

This event may have planted the evil seed that most of you would know as ‘mod-a-lot’ (Scientific name is ‘a-where-did-all-my-pay-go’ It’s always great for all the stock runners wanting a baseline before all that hard earned cash turns into a cat-back, intake or even forced induction!Current power figured and mods were recorded to be put to good use in the near future 😉

With the aftermarket mod list getting bigger, I’m keen to see more of these cars on the street, cutting laps of a circuit, ripping down the 1/4 mile or just hard parking the shit out of an organized meet sometime soon!

Everyone agreed, it was a top afternoon, talking shop, munching pizza’s and trying to sink as much coke/water as possible and listening to your favorite engines roar just a few metres away.

Not even the on and off rain or muggy conditions could dampen the spirits of those who adventured out. They’ve already started planning the next event.