When World Time Attack Challenge wanted to announce yet another amazing racecar that would be making an appearance at this years event, they called Speed Nation’s own Paul Jakubicki.


Speed Nation jumped at the chance to shoot this iconic vehicle. Calsonic livery, unmistakably 80’s lines, twin turbochargers and giant wing make this car the stuff of dreams.


The turbos provide compressed air to an all aluminium double overhead cam V8 which spits out 750hp at the wheels. This number is impressive in 2016, let alone in 1988 when it took on Le Mans. Add to the mix a curb weight of only 850kg, superb aerodynamics and you suddenly get a picture of just how potent the Nissan R88C was on the race track.


Our older readers may have seen this and other Group C cars smashing tracks around the world, however our younger readers have likely never had the pleasure. Whether you have fond memories or not though it is essential you get to WTAC ’16 to see this beast in the flesh.


There is something incredibly raw and visceral about this thing in real life, and it brings to life the aura of 80’s racing. Until this weekend though we will leave you with Paul’s incredible photos as a tease for the main event.





Make sure you get to WTAC ’16 @ SMSP this weekend to see (and hear) this incredible machine.

Photos by Paul Jakubicki || Story by Curran Brennan