The Muscle Car Masters is an annual event, Held on the first weekend of September each year. Historic machines of all categories and vintage mad their way down to compete, catch up with old friends and bring the park to life with the roar of days gone by.

An army of teams and fans braved some of Sydney’s wettest weather on record for a great weekend of motor sport. Although it rained all weekend it was interrupted by spots of blue sky and sunshine.

The constantly changing weather proved to be a challenge on track with teams and drivers having to make last minute changes before heading out for each session.
Over all, the weekend was a huge success. We’ll leave you with some of our favorite images from the event.
Shots by Matthew Everingham and Rhys Vandersyde._DSC9075 _DSC9089 _DSC8753 _DSC8764 _DSC8828 _DSC8840 _DSC8852 _DSC8870 _DSC8873 _DSC8892 _DSC8897 _DSC8945 _DSC8975 _DSC9002 _DSC9036 MuscleCarMasters-0001 MuscleCarMasters-0002 MuscleCarMasters-0003 MuscleCarMasters-0004 MuscleCarMasters-0005 MuscleCarMasters-0006 MuscleCarMasters-0007 MuscleCarMasters-0008 MuscleCarMasters-0009 MuscleCarMasters-0010 MuscleCarMasters-0011 MuscleCarMasters-0012