2016 has been a hell of a year for SpeedNation, striving as always to bring you the best content from Australia and around the world! Moving from strength to strength, we’ve expanded our team and upped our quality. To re-cap this amazing year each SN team member has been asked to pick their personal favourite shot of the year. It’s no easy feat to pick one single image when you take literally thousands of photos a year, but with some arm twisting each photographer has done just that and provided their thoughts on the image.

Scroll down to see each photographer’s ‘Best of 2016’.


Craig March
South Australia

‘Jake DriftSquid Jones admiring his freshly built RB powered BMW M3 drift weapon. This was the first time the car was seen by public with their own eyes. Even Jake couldn’t stop looking at itcraig

Luke Hobbs

‘That shot represents my first time overseas. I was part of the ADGP team when we started the asian drifting grand prix. This was in Jakarta. Everything was different. From the weather to the people to the humble nature of the competitors. It was one of my favourite times in my life. This was the final battle, 2 aussies took it out over all other countries. I’m fairly close with Brendon Greaves and his team. I call myself part of the team. So I was on edge watching the final battle unfold. This was the moment before Rob Whyte actually got so close, his front passenger wheel started driving up Brendon’s drivers wheel. Was just my favourite moment in drift and this photo keeps that memory fresh’brendonvswhyte

Matthew Everingham

New South Wales

‘It’s a car I’ve had my eye on for some time. It was also my first personal shoot for a long time,  it was nice to be completely creative. The whole set tells a story and has feeling.’


Glen McNamara
New Zealand 

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen an S15 of that caliber in NZ. When I first saw it in the show hall at 4&Rotor nats, straight away I thought “that’s a show car that doesn’t drive”. Next day it was on the strip doing a massive burn out and running the 1/4 mile. He did all the work and paint himself and bought the car all the way up from Christchurch just for that event. It instantly reminded me of what I’ve seen on the big international stage; it screamed Japan car scene.’glen-best-photo

Josh Whitcombe

New Zealand

‘I love the way that everything is frozen in the golden light of the sunset, one single moment forever frozen in time. You can see so many little details, from the thin layer of smoke over the roof right down to the little bits of rubber being shredded off the rear tyres.’ img_4082_edit_lr_sn_logo

Jeff Pasko

South Australia

‘It represents the spirit of drift, the freedom to be yourself and create. No one holding you back from your true potential. The exhilarating feeling of being so close to cars you could touch them. It was the first and last time where I felt I could be free to shoot drift and experiment with my photography without people saying that’s too dangerous; you cant do that.’ photo-3


Ben Cadwallader

‘Personally, this image represents why I love shooting cars. You meet real people with a passion, you learn their stories and leave an impression they won’t forget. For me this image represents this. I don’t quite have a story to go behind James’ awesome WRX named ‘Wrexxy’, but I just love how naturally the image came together. Behind the scenes I found this was the most relaxed shoot I did in 2016; sometimes the social environment you form while you work is just as important as the camera work itself’ speednation-best-photo-ben-cadwallader

Alek Hoskins

New South Wales

‘This image really speaks to me as my favourite. It’s something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while, Drift is my favourite form of motorsport to photograph and the line up at this years WTAC meant it was bound to be a good night’ wtac_2016-1-of-1-2


Troy Barker 
South Australia

‘My favorite shot of 2016 for sentimental value. It marks the first occasion I had photoset published in a magazine (Forged magazine), and also happens to be my own car! 2 x extra special feels. Location was amazing and the lighting just worked’celica-1


Dave Oliver
New South Wales

‘It’s not everyday that time attack cars can attack The Mountain, but my shot of Matt Coles’ RX7 just ticks the right boxes. The track, car noise, the aggression and the angle of where the image was taken just makes it a favourite for me’dao_2461


Eik Alongkorn

‘The RWB is my passion, it’s so sexy, like a pretty woman’15631567_10154235293766608_485774520_o


Paul Jakubicki

‘The car is an amazing piece of history so it was a real honor to shoot, it came from an era of raw power & emotion. I liked being able to showcase that’r88-sn-wm-1-of-7

David Clarke (Dragphotos.com.au)


“For me, I find my escape in motorsport. The reason i choose this image from the recent World Time Attack Challenge Shootout is for those 10 short minutes nothing else matters.. Its all about your awareness to whats happening just in front of you, You are reacting only to what is happening here now in the moment its a rare feeling in today’s world and one that keeps me adding events to my 2017 calendar in the hope for that next moment”



Ivica Glavas


For me, it would have to be Rally South Australia. Part of the Australian Rally Championship. This was something different Ive been playing with and love how it turned out. It seemed like the perfect location to do it as well. Using remote flashes and lots of cable ties tripled up to wrap around pine trees etc etc. The way the headlights lit up the Pine trees was amazing for me. But the end  result was worth it after being mauled by the mozzies.