If you were at Eastern Creek on Saturday the 18th of April, then you were definitely apart of something awesome! The Mighty Car Mods (MCM for all the fans), hosted the very first ever MCM Nationals. This was in an endeavour to somewhat replace or restore the absence of the top gear festival. And boy oh boy, was it a day to remember! From the drags to the drifts, the promotion stands to the mobile workshops on display. From the promo girls to the hardcore fans. There was not a sad face in sight. And why would there be! The turnout of thousands of people, packed out the drywall carpark like i have never seen! Even announced from Sydney Dragway them selves that this was one of the biggest events ever hosted there ever. What and achievement! Well done to the both Marty and Moog, and all their support team who made this event possible. And as stated, this will be annual event and why the heck shouldn’t it be!

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As soon a you eventually found a park, and opened he door, you were hit with the atmosphere. And you knew it was going to be good! With cars in sight for meters and meters, there was something for everyones tastebuds. The first thing that caught my attention was the drift circuit that was setup. Gotta love me some drifting! It was big enough to get even the spectators adrenaline going, and small enough that you could see everything that was going on! Big names like Beau Yates and Scott ‘Hollywood’ Porter, amongst the drivers cutting loose for the day. For something as little as $50 you could have a 2 lap joy rides with any of the guys. And you should have seen the smiles on the faces! From ear to ear, everyone who hoped out of the drift cars, had nothing but and exciting story to tell evening they know!

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Wandering around i soon found a broken MCM Honda S2k and a Supergramps, a 4th Gen Subaru Liberty with the 3.6L Flat six turbo motor transplant, which are 2 of the most recent projects that the fellas have worked on in there latest episodes. During the day the S2k blew a diff and Supergramps a Driveshaft, causing both car to leave the nationals on tow trucks. But never the less they were on show for the entire day, getting the love from the supporters who could finally see what they have seen on youtube, in the flesh for themselves!

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Sydney Dragway also opened the drag strip for competitors and eager racers to run their prides of joy, and man there were some nice rides. From a 9 sec street GTR to some of the most unique DIY builds giving the top cars a run for their money. There really was something for everyone at MCM Nationals. Even Beau Yates in his 2J powered Toyota 86 had a go down the strip, and without managing to keep much traction at all, still pulled an impressive 11.9! There was top fuelers out and about, having motors being built right in front of spectators, and also funny cars on display.

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There were many prizes given away, with Marty and Moog announcing that they were doing a round in the golf cart looking for supports rides to win exceptional prizes. You had to be at your car to win and you also got a photo with the boys! One prize winner that really stood one what that of a young fella you won first prize for his home built Mini. He built it with his dad, who found it in a terrible state and decided it would be an awesome learning curve to fix it up on the driveway of their place – True MCM Style! This was the major Prize of $1500 to be spent at Supercheap Auto.

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With the high success of this Event, i can only imagine that the next one will not only smash the standard set, but lift the bar so much high with a bigger and better show! I don’t see it stopping at only NSW as well, with the show eventually extending to other states and maybe also countries, who knows! It was definitely a day that no one should have missed, especially any petrol head, and you just wanted to stay to the end and didn’t wanna go home. Again Congratulations and Big thank you, to Marty and Moog and their Support team and everyone else who made it possible to go ahead and to run so so smoothly! The sponsors who helped out, Supercheap Auto, Just Car Insurance, Castrol Edge, GFB and Haltech. Motive DVD, Ichiban, Am Auto, Sydney Dragway, equally played a role in the events success. Cant wait to see what happens next from the boys who started off on the driveway modding cars just the way we all love and know!

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