mcm nats (1 of 1)-14MCM Meet was so massive, we’ve split our coverage into two posts. Keep an eye out for our follow up which will focus on the motorsport side of things. 🙂

Mighty Car Mods is a YouTube channel started by 2 mates 8 years ago, performing basic mods in their parents garage and broadcasting it to the world. The channel has recently taken a serious turn with regular build videos and more serious performance enhancing mods. Who would’ve thought that 2 boys from the shire could build their online empire big enough to see thousands flock to Sydney Dragway to show off their cars at a meet, along with drag battles and a motorkhana.

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The Mighty Car Mods community have adopted a “no frills” car modding culture. It’s all about DIY modifications. Sometimes it goes right, other times….. not so much.

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The MX5 clan was out in force sitting quiet in their corner appreciating their own kind.

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I’ve never seen something like this. Whether these head lights have been wrapped or dipped, I think I like it, and I can see this becoming a growing trend in the future of the Sydney JDM scene… hopefully. Attention to detail is the real winner here.

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I feel like the 86/BRZ is one of the makes that you either love or hate. I think I sit on the fence in this discussion. I personally don’t like these cars stock, but when they’re done well like this, they’re a personal favourite.

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MR Sparkle made an appearance direct from Japan. JDM as f*ck!

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As expected at a meet based around power modifications, turbos were plenty and if this trend continues to grow, Garrett will forever be in business.

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“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads, Marty” FLUXN

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Canards own a place in my heart, as do splitters and hella horns.

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At the end of the day, the most popular cars were those built by Marty, and Moog, including their builds from the $3000 turbo challenge series. #TeamDentistJet vs #TeamEvo, whose team are you on?

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Pit bike anyone? Whether it’s 3 wheels or 4, the MCM boys will find a way. Shlammed.

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The MCM meet was encased at both ends, one by passes on the drag strip, the other by the motorkhana. The crowd quickly flocked to the motorkhana circuit so we followed. We were greeted by Turbo Yoda in his Ichiban built WRX.

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Motorkhana is so fun to watch. People of all ages and experience levels come to tackle the confusing scattering of cones which somehow is meant to resemble a course.

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I do love an old grumbly BMW. Especially when its limiter bashing with an AMG, and sounding better by a country mile.mcm nats (1 of 1)-18mcm nats (1 of 1)-19

The MCM boys decided it was party time. What other way is there to party? Pulling their V8 powered s-chassis ‘Mod Max’ inspired by ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ out on the circuit. Open door burnouts are a must.

mcm nats (1 of 1)-21The crowd slowly migrated back to the drag strip. Who said a DC5R couldn’t do skids?

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When you have drag runs at 12, but a site visit at 5… why not drag the work ute.

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I don’t think bike riders get enough respect for what they do. These guys might not have been running the highest top speeds but do you see harnesses, bucket seats or roll cages? Inches from death.

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Of course the main event was the ‘Double Unicorn’ vs ‘Super Gramps’ showdown. Who won the final battle? Check back later to see our comprehensive coverage of the fun at the drags by Dave O.

Overall a great day was had by all involved and the event had an awesome, fun vibe to it.

Until next year Mighty Car Mods Nationals.