With Meguiar’s MotorEx this year being held in Sydney, it was sure to be a big seller within the motor scene.  With more of everything that has ever been previously included, it was never going to disappoint.  Held over two days, there was so much to pack in – from crazy old-school customs, performance parts, a dyno all set up, movie cars, crazy builds on show and much much more, there wasn’t anything that wouldn’t draw your eye.  It really wasn’t something to miss.
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Being my first time to the show, I was unsure of what to really expect when walking in.  And just how much there was going to be on show.  The moment I walked through the gates you instantly have two halls to pick from.  As soon as I had seen that, I understood this was big!  As I walk into the pavillion, the first thing that catches my eyes is the abundance of HUGE motors sticking out of engine bays, seconded by the quantities of exquisite paint jobs.  This was a show that was candy to any petrolhead eye.
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As well as the big blown V8’s and old-school beauties, there was a small JDM scene that was formed from the likes of Liberty Walk, Queen Street Customs, Mighty Car Mods and a couple of others.  Although this show brought a majority of crowds of different tastes, this section of the show really did fairly well.
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There were huge amounts of products on show available to the public, from turbo- and super-charger kits, to everyday products like car washes and wiper blades.  The volume of sponsors and trade stands was outstanding, with many great offers and deals out to be made!  A show like this not only allows people to see different parts and what they are used for, but exactly how they are used, in the sense that some might have combinations of parts that no ones put together with really great results.
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From here, I ventured outside to find a few dragsters with something very cool sitting next to them – a turbo-powered Rocket go-kart!  What insanity!  Although there was no action happening while I was out there, the dyno was running cars, giving the gathered crowds a bit of a show of what real horsepower looked like.
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Moving into the second hall, there wasn’t a paint job that wasn’t to the extreme.  Any colour, and candy applications for days.  as different and contrasting, there wasn’t a car that felt out of place. Show car quality for the biggest and best car show! this show was really turning out to be something that was levels about anything i had ever been to!
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There was tonnes of Prizes up for grabs. Like what kinda of show wouldn’t have prizes right?! $103K worth have an exact figure spread across 75 different awards. There was no better way for Meguiar’s to celebrate their 25th Anniversary of being in Australia! But something does tell me that the next one is going to be something to look out for. Events like this are only benchmarks for the next!
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