Recently Mallala held its Autumn Matsuri which was its second festival for the year. Unlike the first event which had low numbers, this one really did impress in driver numbers, as well as spectators. The number of drivers was capped at 120, over 3 groups, and every single spot was filled. Garages were so full that drivers were set up in the grass area in the pits. With some of Adelaide’s bigger name drivers such as Scott Roberts, Anthony Cece, and the corporal himself, Christian Pickering all out driving, there was no doubt it was going to be a good event.



David Stones JZX90 Chaser was super clean most of the day until a little panel rubbing with another driver resulted in a damaged rear quarter. Plans are for a wide body kit very soon. Possibly the first wide body JZX90 in Australia?




Since first meeting Scott and seeing his car, his S13 Silvia has gone through a few transformations. The latest build is now rocking a series 2 S14 front on it, with an RB25 and TD06 turbo under the bonnet. A feature of Scott’s S13.4 is coming to Speed Nation so check back with us soon.


Lucy’s S13 is well-known in Adelaide, but is now a turbo charged instead of the N/A version she used to drive.



The name Christian Pickering is a name worth knowing in the Australian drift scene. Not only is he one of Australia’s top drivers, He is also The 2011 G1 series champion in Japan, and has drifted in various events around the world. This JZX100 Mark II is an ex D1SL, car and was recently imported over by Christian.


Hope you enjoyed this small peek into Mallala’s 10/10 Autumn Matsuri. If you want to make the trip down for the next festival, September 3rd is the next one. Check it out as it’s always a fun day!