It’s been a crazy 12 months in the motoring scene for Hypercar releases. Koenigsegg has just added their own mark on the wall with the newly announce Regera. The new Swedish super coupe dethrones both the Italians and ze Germans and snaps up the crown as the fastest and most powerful production car ever! (At least until the next hyper announcement, which is scheduled to happen in 15 minutes)


Powering the Regera is a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 engine working with three electric motors, one on the drive train, and one at each rear wheel. The combined power output is 1,500+ hp and 1,475+ ft-lb torque. The Regera doesn’t feel the need to be humble. Claiming it’s crown as “the king of the road, as the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.”


Although the car uses a combination of Combustion and Electric power sources, Koenigsegg insist the car is no hybrid, but instead has pioneered a new engine arrangement called ‘Direct Drive Transmission (KDD)’. The drive line’s electric motor transfers the engine power and it’s own directly to the rear axle! In other words, the new Regera has NO GEARBOX! This revolutionary change is said to reduce energy losses in the system and also saves weight!


The Regera’s 1500+ hp, direct drive and total mass of 1,628kg see this rocket ship jump from 0 to 399.2km’h in just 20 seconds!


1,628kg may sound a little heavy for a hyper car, but the Regera is also packed with luxury and mind blowing extras… extras like a 9″ infotainment system and being able to open/close any moving part of the car with a smartphone! It’s not all just crazy gadgets inside though. The cabin is extremely well appointed and a very comfortable and smooth ride.


It’s unlikely that any of us mere mortals will ever own a Regera with the current plans for production to be limited to 80 cars. A price point was not mentioned but insiders are speculating it’ll have a price tag just under the US$2,000,000 mark.