Ballarat Airport was host to this years Tunnel Vision King Of The Street #4. Presented by Competition Engines Speedshop. No holds barred 1/8th Mile drag racing to see who has the toughest street car out there in Aus, plus $4000 for the winner to boot, as well as bragging rights. Come one, come all.

It was unusually warm but windy weather. There was a lot of cars across the spectrum that showed up. JDM, Muscle, turbocharged and supercharged  Muscle, and even a Can Am buggy!

With scrutineering completed, everyone was ready for the mornings warm up and to adjust to track conditions. With prize money and bragging rights up for grabs, it was really anyones for the taking, as getting the perfect launch and getting the power down without frying the tyres mid track was the biggest challenge drivers faced. Also the wild crosswind wasn’t helping. But it was better to have sunny conditions and some wind, than raining and freezing. Some drivers were running a bit too long past the markers but soon adjusted. As the drivers got used to the conditions everyone was dialling in their best runs.

With the racing under way, it was decided times would not be shown just to make it even more interesting, so people could concentrate on the racing not just times. The pressure was on to perform and win your run. From AMG’s to GT’s, Valiant’s, Monaro’s, Lancer’s, Stang’s. It was good to see a level of all different cars going up against each other. But at the end of the day the term sleeper rings to mind. When Jason Ruby and his plain looking S13 with a big arse exhaust doesn’t really catch anyone’s eye. Except  for the R32 rims, people wouldn’t give the car a second look. Although when your running a Rb25/30 Combo with AWD it is enough to wipe the smile off anyone’s face. And that is exactly what the little S13 did, and did it well. So 1st prize of $4000 and bragging rights to the little Silvia as Australia’s toughest street Car! This will have people in the car circles talking indeed. Well done. Also well done to the volunteers and organisers for  putting on  such a great little event.