This is my last night in Japan. I’m trying to gather my thoughts, flip through my archives and select a few highlights from the past week. If I rotate my neck 90 degrees to the left, Nagoya Castle is directly in sight. It’s doing a pretty good job at competing for my attention.

Late last year Toyota thanks the car community by staging a massive party for car owners and enthusiasts at the newly constructed Rose Bay Ferry Terminal. You can see our coverage here: #FESTIVALOF86 and also HERE
One of the cool things Toyota did was run a competition for media officials, the prize being an awesome week long trip to Japan. While the Downshift boys won the prize, rules were bent I was also offered an invitation to join the party.

So here I am with only one day remaining. At first it doesn’t feel like we’ve been here for long, but now that I’m taking the time to reflect on the ridiculous amount of things we’ve witness, experienced and visited it starts to feel like we’ve been here for a month.

I’ll be delving deeper in to our activities, but to sum it up and let you know roughly what you can expect to see if you bookmark the page here’s some of the radness we’ve experienced. I will warn you up front though, you will be jealous :p

Tokyo! WOW! Never in a million years could I have comprehended the size, scale and complexity of this place! It is without a doubt one of the most impressive places on the planet, and the fact that something so super massive and complicated can run so smoothly and freely leaves me feeling inspired about the future. Yes, it’s that kind of place.


Eating crazy Food I never thought I’d try (and liking most of it.)


Visiting TRD Headquarters

DSC_6830speed nation

Drank coffee like a boss.

speed nation

Had a reunion with a childhood friend, Tom. His mates were pretty cool too.

speed nation

Tokyo Train Rides during peak hour. #TheCrushIsReal.

speed nation

I crossed item #14 off my bucket list, TOKYO AUTOSALON!

speed nationShared a table with not only the designer of the new Toyota 86, but also the TA77 Celica and pretty much every Toyoya sports car that was created between the 70′ and 80’s.


Hit up my first P.A. F40’s, RWB’s and pretty much every other single car on your dream list.

speed nation

Visited a couple of car museums.

speed nation

Saw 8 of the 300 2000GT’s in existence, not only that, we got to hear it’s sweet notes.


There’s a lot more, but that Castle is looking to good. Time to sign off and make the most of my last night in Japan.


Stay tuned.