Honeywell Garrett Jamboree Sydney 2018 is upon us, with Sydney playing host to the mecha of all that is Compact Drag Racing at its finest. Cars came from far and wide; rotaries, 6 cylinders, V8s, you name it, it was here. The weather was also playing its part, as it was a stinking hot day, with an ambient air temp of around 38c, and add several more degrees on top for the track temp. It was  going to be a day of survival for everyone to get through qualifications, and wait for the sun to dip below the horizon. With all sorts of events on offer it was going to be a great day for everyone.

The scorching heat was a test on both cars and crews, with people doing whatever they could to stay out of the sun and get some comfort in the shade. This event also welcomed a new photographer into the Speed Nation fold, Travis Matthews. What a great event for an intro to melt your way into, you can be sure to see more of Travis as the year goes on, welcome aboard!

It was a welcome relief when the sun finally went down, and as the temperature dropped, so did the times. It was now time to get down to the serious end of the event, qualification rounds were over and it was time for the knockouts to begin. Kelly Bettes in the JR Datto ute laid down a 6.97 pass, which would see her take home the runner up spot in the Pro Compact class. Another sight to behold was the Jet Racing VB Commodore of Jeremy “Jet” Martin, packing a 526ci twin turbo V8 making roughly 4000hp! The monster Commodore smashed the ¼ mile in a time of 5.981 @ 246mph, and in doing so became the worlds fastest Commodore!

Now we were getting to the pointy end of the event, it was time for the finals. George Rehaymen in his Pac performance Mazda 6 ended up taking the honours over Ben Bray in his Toyota Solaro. The next Jamboree will be in Brisbane in August, should be killer, enjoy the pics! Next week we head to South Australia for some V8 Jet Boat racing. Stay tuned!